Chat w/Adam Rubin- Mets GM, Manager Positions

Manager of the Brooklyn Cyclones Wally Backman gets vocal during a game on July 31, 2010 in Brooklyn, NY (Photo by Jack Shea / Meet The Famous) Photo via Newscom Today, (Oct 12th) I was able to jump in on a chat that was hosted by Adam Rubin,, that was held, lunchtime, earlier today. He was actually conducting the chat from Yankee Stadium where the Yankees were having a full squad workout. The whole chat can be found here…. I’ve posted a screenshot of one of my questions regarding Beltran but I found many of the questions asked during the chat were excellent, including the questions before and after mine. Screenshot of chat w/Adam Rubin Although I think that the Mets GM search could essentially be over before it starts because Sandy Alderson is interested in the position, Mr. Rubin also reminds me that this is a too simplistic approach to searching for a GM and there are so many other qualities that should be considered.

  • In regards to another question as to whether Adam’s interview for the GM position has been setup yet, he did state that he was “under contract“.

Sounds like he’s still “Lobbying” for a position. Where’s Omar?

Mets Wilpon Apologizes For Minaya’s Outburst

Minaya1Mets COO Jeff Wilpon met with the media before last night’s game against the Rockies to express the organization’s dissatisfaction with Omar Minaya’s meltdown during Monday’s press conference. Mets fans are well aware by now that Minaya implied that Daily News reporter Adam Rubin wrote damaging reports about Tony Bernazard because Rubin wanted a position in player development with the Mets.

Wilpon said that Minaya apologized to Mets ownership for making a “very, very large mistake”. He went on to say that Minaya is well aware that he put the team in a bad spot with his comments about Rubin.

Rubin has received a voice mail from Wilpon apologizing on behalf of the Mets team and he hopes that Rubin will accept a call from Minaya to apologize.

Clearly, the simple firing of Bernazard has turned into a complete disaster for this PR-challenged team. I always thought of Minaya as fairly media savvy despite his lack of command of the English language. But this episode has exposed Minaya as easily shaken and a poor communicator.

All of this has left the Mets, and us fans, as the laughing stock of the league. Definitely take a look at Ray Ratto’s column for CBS Sports. He describes the Mets dysfunction in the front office and goes on the say that fans of the Royals, Nationals, and Pirates are thinking that it could be worse. They could be Mets fans.

Listen to Jeff Wilpon’s meeting with the media here:

Omar Minaya Apologizes For Trashing Adam Rubin

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After Mets GM Omar Minaya attempted to discredit NY Daily News reporter Adam Rubin at a press conference today, he thought better of it and issued an apology. Interestingly, COO Jeff Wilpon was by his side looking like an adult forcing a child to apologize for bad behavior.

You can see the original press conference here. Oh, by the way, the press conference was to announce that the Mets fired VP Player Development Tony Bernazard.

Rubin quickly became the focus of the press conference to everyone’s surprise. This just goes to show that the Mets can make a bad situation even worse. You can see Rubin’s response to Minaya’s accusations here.

It’s been a bizzare day, even by Mets standards. This kind of bad PR just can’t be doing Minaya any good right now. Unbelievable… Does the embarrassment ever end?

Mets Fire Bernazard; Rubin’s Motives Questioned

Omar Minaya

The Mets finally fired VP of Player Development Tony Bernazard after several stories of misdeeds came out like this. It’s not a big surprise considering the transgressions that we’ve heard of. Minaya said that Mets human resources was looking into complaints about Bernazard prior to the NY Daily News publishing damning stories about him. Minaya said that inter-personal communication problems by Bernazard were the reason for the firing.

The bombshell came when Omar Minaya implied that the journalist that broke the stories about Bernazard, Adam Rubin, had an ulterior motive for writing his stories. Minaya said that Rubin has spoken to him and other people in the Mets organization about getting a job with them in player development.

Minaya said that he “scuffled” (whatever that means) when he read that Rubin was the person writing the stories. SNY showed Rubin on camera during the press conference, who appeared to be shocked by this public revelation.If this is true, it seems to be very unprofessional of Rubin. I can’t wait to read what Rubin has to say about this.

Instead of Bernazard, Rubin became the focus of this press conference. Amazing! It was another great moment in this season’s Mets soap opera.

Randolph In Damage Control Mode

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New York Mets manager Willie Randolph spent the morning doing damage control. He back-tracked from his comments that his problems should be blamed on Mets television network Sports Net New York (SNY) and racism by Mets fans.

Randolph’s story changed completely this morning blaming an under performing Mets team for his problems. He says that it’s all about wins and loses not racism now. Oh, and he’s not blaming SNY anymore either.

Randolph says that his comments about racism were made in a “tongue in cheek” manner. He says that he was speaking in generalities that racism exists in this country.

My take on this is that Randolph is being dishonest and stupid. He wouldn’t have said the things that he did if he didn’t believe them. That’s dishonest. Suddenly he became media saavy today so he’s trying to save face. Continue reading “Randolph In Damage Control Mode”