Contest: Shea Stadium DVD

essential games of sheaI thought that all Mets fans could use some positive feelings about the team this week. You sure aren’t going that by watching the 2009 version of the team. To make you feel a little better about this franchise, I’m giving away a copy of the six DVD set The New York Mets Essential Games of Shea Stadium. It’s a $53.99 value at Amazon.

You’ll see the emotional first sporting event in New York after 9/11 against the Braves on Sept. 21, 2001, the Lenny Dykstra walk-off homer in the bottom of the ninth against the Astros in the 1986 NLCS, and more. In all, there are six great Mets games that’ll make you feel good about this team. Even if it’s just until you watch the next live game.

The contest is for the best comment of the week (ending Wednesday Aug. 12, 2009). That’s when the current road trip wraps up in Arizona. The rules are:

  • You are NOT eligible to win if you’ve already won a prize from since Jan. 1, 2009
  • Your shipping address must be in the continental United States
  • Your comment must appear on, not any other website (like Facebook or Twitter)
  • I’ll judge the entries and determine one winner of the contest

Author: Dave Doyle

Frequently disappointed Mets fan

12 thoughts on “Contest: Shea Stadium DVD”

  1. Personally, I’m wondering what the commentary will be like on some of the games. For the 69 Series game, it’s pretty much a given: Curt Gowdy and Lindsay Nelson. Same But what about the other games? Do we get the TV broadcasts or the radio broadcasts? Will they have both, where you can choose the commentary?


    1. Bernie, there are no radio broadcasts. It’s all TV. The DVD’s are great to watch. You get to see the entire games without commercials. And you get the pre-game show for the Sept. 21, 2001 game. Very emotional broadcast.


      1. Okay, I was wondering because of the last game on the DVD set: the first game of the 2006 Subway Series.

        Gary: “2-2 to Wright…hit in the air to center field…Damon going back…to the warning track…IT’S OVER HIS HEAD AND THE METS WIN IT!”

        Howie: “The Mets have beaten Rivera! Put THAT in your books!”

        But yes, I still remember the call for Piazza’s blast.

        “Lopez wants it away…and it’s hit deep to left center…Andruw Jones on the run…this on has a chance…HOME RUN! MIKE PIAZZA! AND THE METS LEAD 3-2!”


  2. I would have won this contest but its too bad I moved out here to Canada, so I will save my smart, witty response comments to myself!


    1. Delyan, Sorry about that. I’ve got more contests coming for depressed Mets fans. I’ve got some good Mets books to give away. I may have to reconsider the contest rules for the Canadian readers, eh?


      1. Hopefully reconsider Dave!
        Mets fans are splattered all around the world, sharing a passion for the one guilty pleasure that has left us all vastly unsatisfied for the past few seasons!


      2. Delyan, I’m working on another contest now that I think you’ll like and my Canadian friends can participate in. I can’t give it away yet but it’s an MLB licensed product that you’ll really like. I spoke to a person from the company today and I think it’ll be the best contest prize yet.


  3. i still remember that 2001 game like it was yesterday. piazza hit the go ahead homerun and it felt like the playoffs at shea. what a great moment that night out of shea stadium in new york after all the issues that this country dealt with a few nights prior on September 11, 2001. i will never forget that time


    1. Tom, good comment. The DVD contains the pre-game show too. The police, fire, port authority folks on the field. The Braves and Mets shaking hands with all of them and each other.


      1. Meet the Mets, beat the Mets,
        Step right up, defeat the Mets.

        Bring your kiddies, bring your wife,
        Guaranteed to have the time of your life.

        Because the Mets are really droppin’ the ball,
        Watchin’ those home runs over the wall.

        East side, West side, everybody’s coming down,
        To meet the M-E-T-S Mets, of New York town.


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