Mets In The News Aug. 9, 2009

Billy Beane's Parking Spot
Image by pursuethepassion via Flickr

The Mets are playing to avoid a sweep in San Diego this afternoon and the piling on continues. Kevin Kernan of the New York Post writes that the team should fire GM Omar Minaya and hire Billy Beane. Beane was the Mets first round draft choice in the 1980 draft and played 13 games in the outfield for the Mets in 1984-1985. I find it extremely difficult to believe that the Wilpons would fire Minaya and keep him on the payroll for three more years. He just signed an extension before this season. I don’t see it happening for financial reasons more than anything.

The New York Post Mets Blog notes that Billy Wagner threw another scoreless inning during a rehab game in Florida yesterday. The target date for him to come back to the Mets is Aug. 21. Wagner is scheduled to pitch back to back games for the first time on Monday and Tuesday. I have a hard time seeing Wagner pitching anything but the ninth inning. The Mets don’t want him back. They’ve already told him that they’re not picking up his contract option for 2010. Let him pitch a game or two in the bigs and then see if he has any trade value before the Aug. 31 waiver deadline.

Author: Dave Doyle

Frequently disappointed Mets fan

2 thoughts on “Mets In The News Aug. 9, 2009”

  1. I read that article this morning. Beane is a very good small market / control costs GM. Unless the Met’s decision is to slash payroll by 80 million, I think Beane would fail in New York. Minaya did quite well with the Nationals (with the exception of the worst trade in ML History) and he was a small market guy. The Mets have basically turned the organization into a small market / high payroll team with little to no prospects and such inflated payrolls for injured / underperforming players that they can’t trade parts away to improve the team in years to come.
    Regardless of who the GM or manager is, I don’t see a pleasant future for our beloved Mets!


    1. I firmly believe that the Wilpons won’t pay out three years for any GM that’s not with the team. But I have to admit some curiosity to see what Beane could do with a big payroll. The A’s have developed some great talent over the years. They just haven’t been able to hold onto it because of financial constraints.


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