Video: Mets Ticket Pricing And Policies Interview

I had the opportunity to talk to Kerel Cooper of On The Black about several issues related to Mets ticket pricing and policies. These are topics that have come up from the readers here at The Mets Report. When Kerel asked me to join him to talk about these issues I jumped at the chance. Watch the video below and add your thoughts in the comments.

Author: Dave Doyle

Frequently disappointed Mets fan

11 thoughts on “Video: Mets Ticket Pricing And Policies Interview”

  1. Dave, I think the only way that we will pay less for tickets is by waiting as long as one canand sniping the tickets at stubhub. I do not think they will change anything price wise. I agree with you about the Wall Street toads. Kudos to Karel and you for a great job on this story.


    1. Robin thanks for the compliments. The strategy that I have started to utilize (unless I am with my wife and kid) is pay for the cheapest ticket I can find and then just go down to the field level and stand around. There are great views all the way around the field level and if your lucky enough to get one of those picnic tables or stools, that’s good enough. In my opinion. I was told that if the Mets get sell outs and their is still demand they will sell standing room only tickets. We are far from that being a reality though.


  2. One final thought.. when I say shut down players, I want the players that are not 100% shut down. I dont want 70% or 90% healthy players on the field. If the Mets KNOW that Reyes, The Corlos Brothers et al are 100% healthy, I am fine with them playing, even for a week. but given the track record of the Mets medical mis-management team they may interpret 75% as 100%. So my good friend, we agree to disagree, lol


  3. Dave, I’m a disappointed fan with regards to Citi Field (or “Chez Amazin'” as I call it) and I’m glad I came across this discussion. I’m not biased on the topic even though I write a blog called “Remembering Shea”.

    Citi Field just isn’t a good ballpark. It has too many obstructed views and prices are just too high. I would still come to Shea to see a bad Mets team, but won’t come to Citi Field to see a good Mets team. It doesn’t feel like a Mets park (a huge mistake for building a new ballpark).

    I put up a poll on my site asking my readers what they’ll do for next year (more or less games than this year), and almost everyone said fewer games next year.

    Last year, many Mets fans thought they had to buy full season packages in order to get into the park, and the Mets changed up the partial plans to swindle their customers for 2009. That certainly won’t fly next year. And you mentioned the tiered pricing too (so hard to predict those things in the winter – the Mets certainly aren’t a gold or silver level team right now).

    The Mets need to give back to the fans. I was caught in the long rain delay last weekend, and left long before the game even started (, and I get nothing for it. One upon a time, there would have been a voucher for a bleacher or Upper Deck seat when that happens. What happened to fan appreciation day on the final game of the season? Old Timer’s Day (touching on the subject of a lack of Mets history in the park).


    1. Tremendous comment. Definitely puts you in the early lead for the contest but there’s still a few days left for others to overtake you. There are so many topics that you touched on here. One note: although it is difficult to determine tiered pricing in the winter, if you make $4M/year you should be pretty good at it. The Citi Field problems are well documented and I read that Jeff Wilpon said they were adding some more Mets historical items to the stadium a month ago. But nobody has been able to find them? Great looking blog BTW. I added you to my feed reader.


      1. The only thing I’ve noticed at Citi Field since it was reported that more “Mets” was being added was that new video screen hanging below the RF foul line stands. I’ve only seen pictures and it wasn’t functional yet (maybe this weekend). reported today some sort of construction that may be something. I had some ideas a while back on what to do in the stadium ( I had an epiphany last week after leaving the rain delay that I just don’t like Citi Field (as is) compared to Shea.

        The off season should be real interesting.


  4. Hmmmm, I seem to remember some guy named Dave giving some other guy named Dave some tickets that he got for free from some guy named Mike who is a judge in New York.

    It’s all so confusing!

    All kidding aside…great interview.


    1. Dave, thanks for the comment. I seem to remember that too because that game was one of the relatively few Mets wins this season. Thanks for the compliment on the interview. Kerel does a great job with the video blog.


  5. I ordered tix for the 17th vs Giants, it was lowered from a Gold game. I got them from stubhub, I promise you all this..if the Mets lose for the 4th time in 4 visits to Debits Field, I will not go to another game unless the tix are free LOL . One positive thought to is about time that Nolan Ryan, who won his only championship as a Met is finally attending the Met celebration. I guess after close to 40 years he can tolerate NYC for a day to celebrate anniversary of 69 champs. After all it his ONLY championship, and he surely was a big part of that team.


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