Shea Stadium DVD Contest Winner

essential games of sheaThis was the toughest contest to judge that I’ve had yet. There were so many great comments about the state of the current Mets, and even a remake of the lyrics to the “Meet the Mets” song. But I decided to go with Bernie Byrne in this one. His comments about the DVD set Essential Games of Shea Stadium persuaded me to go with him as the winner.

His comments were:

Personally, I’m wondering what the commentary will be like on some of the games. For the 69 Series game, it’s pretty much a given: Curt Gowdy and Lindsay Nelson. Same But what about the other games? Do we get the TV broadcasts or the radio broadcasts? Will they have both, where you can choose the commentary?

Okay, I was wondering because of the last game on the DVD set: the first game of the 2006 Subway Series.

Gary: “2-2 to Wright…hit in the air to center field…Damon going back…to the warning track…IT’S OVER HIS HEAD AND THE METS WIN IT!”

Howie: “The Mets have beaten Rivera! Put THAT in your books!”

But yes, I still remember the call for Piazza’s blast.

“Lopez wants it away…and it’s hit deep to left center…Andruw Jones on the run…this on has a chance…HOME RUN! MIKE PIAZZA! AND THE METS LEAD 3-2!”

Congratulations to Bernie Byrne. I’ll get some more contests started in the near future. Thank you to everyone that participated.

Author: Dave Doyle

Frequently disappointed Mets fan

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