Mets In The News Aug. 14, 2009

After an off-day yesterday, the Mets return from a 2-5 road trip visiting two of the worst teams in baseball. San Diego and Arizona looked like All-Stars compared to this Mets team. Sadly, we now need to include the Mets as one of the worst teams in baseball. The Giants are in town this weekend, so at least we’ll have one quality team to watch at Citi Field.

Here’s the Mets in the news:

  • Joe Janish at Mets Today does an unbelievable job of describing the myth of Daniel Murphy
  • Mets manager Jerry Manuel wants Gary Sheffield back next year
  • The Mets have started to install imagery of famous players on the Field and Promenade levels, and the championship banners on the outfield wall. Finally!!! And they’re wearing some ridiculous throwback Giants uniforms this weekend.
  • Steve Popper of the Bergen Record is looking ahead to 2010
  • Ben Shipgel of the NY Times writes about how Daniel Murphy is going to benefit from Carlos Delgado’s latest injury setback

Author: Dave Doyle

Frequently disappointed Mets fan

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