Santana Protecting Mets In David Wright Beaning

Johan SantanaAfter yesterday’s game, Johan Santana said that he was protecting his teammates when he threw behind Pablo Sandoval and then hit Bengie Molina. Santana went on to say that he plays the game the right way. I won’t disagree with that. But I think that Santana should have hit or threw near Matt Cain instead of waiting three innings to throw at Sandoval.

Santana probably would’ve been thrown out of the game for throwing at Cain. But at this point in the Mets season, does that really matter? The Mets season is over and the message would have been much more clear to Cain. If Cain can’t stay in control when he’s on the mound, things can get dangerous for everyone including him.

Larry Brooks of the NY Post has some good quotes from Santana about the incident:

“I feel like I have to protect my teammates; you can call it whatever you want. There’s no question we are going to stick together.”

“I’m going to protect them the way they protect me.”

I’m not going to complain too loudly about the way Santana dealt with this. Because he did deal with it. But I still think Cain should have been the one that was on the receiving end of a fastball.

Author: Dave Doyle

Frequently disappointed Mets fan

5 thoughts on “Santana Protecting Mets In David Wright Beaning”

  1. I had no problems at all with how Johan initailly handled it. I assume he thought that the best way to get even was to hit the best player on the Giants team. After Sondaval homered I assume he was so angry that Molina was just ..umm collateral damage in his mind. He should been tossed right there.In fact, I suspect he knew he was coming out of the game one way or another after that pitch. The Mets battled, but as this seasons script would seem to require, a catcher named Molina hit a game winning home run .


    1. I still don’t get the whole idea of plunking the other team’s best player after your guy gets hit. I’d go after the pitcher. Isn’t that what the National League is all about? I could see it in the American League, but not here.


      1. Dave,
        I remember the game in 68 spring training when Agee was beaned by Gibson, Tom Seaver hit Gibson later on that season and yelled at Gibson saying that was for Agee, I agree that is how it should be done. I also remember when Kooz hit Santro after Agee was decked in 69, so there really are 2 schools of thought. I prefer the pitcher who throws it gets it


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