Gary Sheffield Unhappy With Mets; No Surprise

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It was bound to happen at some point this season and now it has. Gary Sheffield isn’t happy with the Mets and even asked out of the lineup on Thursday night. He did play Friday but got thrown out for arguing balls and strikes and it looked like it was on purpose.

For all the talk of Sheffield being a team player when they signed him in April, that’s over now. He wants out or he wants a contract extension and neither is going to happen. The reports were that the Giants claimed Sheffield on waivers but they couldn’t work out a trade that was satisfactory to the Mets. So the Mets pulled him off waivers and have to keep him for the rest of the season.

Sheffield was surprised that he had to learn about this development through media reports and not Omar Minaya. He told reporters after Friday’s game that he was confused why the Mets wouldn’t let him go to play for a contender in San Francisco.

The Mets only have to deal with this for nine more games to finish out the month of August. Then they can release Sheffield after September 1 so he wouldn’t be eligible for another team’s postseason roster. If he continues to make a nuisance of himself, that’s exactly what they should do.

Author: Dave Doyle

Frequently disappointed Mets fan

3 thoughts on “Gary Sheffield Unhappy With Mets; No Surprise”

  1. Omar , should let him go, why hold him hostage too? it is bad enough that the Coupons have all of the season ticket holders held hostage for the remainder of the season. If the idiots think they can swing a favorable deal for anyone at this point of the season, they are , as usual delusional. No doubt they can get more younger versions of Wilson Valdez, A-Hern types. or perhaps another version of Pat Litsch if they are looking to upgrade the A plus pitching staff.. No one is giving them anything. As for Wagner, they made get a grade B prospect if they are lucky. He has more value, but the Red Sox need to be desperate in order to give the Met anything substantial. After watching what our beloved Yanks are doing to them, I would think they know, they dont look especially good either, I doubt Billy is an end all to the issues they face, and since he is a rent a a player with a questionable arm, how much would you give if you were them?


    1. The Mets could just release Gary Sheffield this week and he could sign with a contender and make their playoff roster. But if he continues to be a jerk about it, the Mets do have the right to do whatever they want with him for the rest of this season. As for Billy Wagner, what the Mets get in return will depend entirely upon how much of his contract the Mets are willing to eat.


      1. And we know how the Coupons spend money so wisely…yikes. Once again we are at the mercy of these incompetent buffoons.


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