Video: Olney on Johan Santana Injury

Buster Olney of ESPN rehashes the whole scenario of how Johan Santana was traded by the Twins to the Mets. He says that the Yankees and Red Sox both had concerns at the time about the health of Santana because he had lost velocity and wasn’t throwing his slider.

Author: Dave Doyle

Frequently disappointed Mets fan

One thought on “Video: Olney on Johan Santana Injury”

  1. Dave , I know this is the one topic we do not agree on. But I see no reason to bring back Santana, Wright, Beltran, Reyes and any other player that is NOT in his last year of contract this season. Santana obviously was not as effective lately, and we now know why. This is a lost season. I “get” that fans are entitled to see the best players available for the prices they pay for tickets. I agree in general. However there are times when all bets are off, this is THAT time. If Mets fans paid for tickets and are subjected to lesser talent than they deserve, so be it. I have surely been to games this year where I was wondering why I wasted my money. We as mets fans have an incompetent medical staff overseeing these players. They have already proven that they will risk the health of any player t get them on the field, that is until David Wright got beaned. Ask Church ask Beltran? and now ask Santana.
    it is over Dave. I am sorry that people are getting screwed by this farce of a team and it’s ownership and management, but it is time to just realize that this season is a certified disaster andit is what it is, It has cost some fans more money than others, but we all are suffering as we witness this .


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