Poll: Mets Angel Pagan An Everyday Player

Angel PagaonOne of the things that I’ve wanted to get your opinion about is whether or not you think that Angel Pagan is an everyday player. He seems to be one of those five-tool players that’s always hurt. Pagan has tremendous athletic ability but he occasionally makes silly plays in the outfield or on the bases that make you shake your head.

Pagan has never played in more than 77 games in a season during his short career. Some of that was due to being an inexperienced player and some due to injuries. Clearly, he’s playing as well as he ever has as a Met since Carlos Beltran went on the disabled list. He has 211 at-bats this season, by far the most of his career.

The most likely determining factor into Pagan getting a shot to play everyday in left field next season is first base. Do the Mets continue with light-hitting Daniel Murphy at first and get a slugging outfielder in free agency? Matt Holliday and Jason Bay are both free agents after this season. Or do the Mets get a slugging first baseman and go with a more athletic outfielder like Pagan in left?

For those viewing this in a feed reader there’s a poll embedded in the post. Please visit the site to vote.

Author: Dave Doyle

Frequently disappointed Mets fan

2 thoughts on “Poll: Mets Angel Pagan An Everyday Player”

    1. I think Pagan is better than Payton. But he hasn't been healthy enough for long enough to make a good judgment. It's been good to get a long look at him since Beltran has been out. Generally, I like what I've seen from him. But I'm not sold on him being more than a fourth outfielder yet.


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