Steve Phillips Girlfriend Causes Trouble

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Former Mets GM Steve Phillips was back in the news today for having another affair. This time it was with an ESPN intern identified in media reports as Brooke Hundley. You can see pictures of her here. The NY Post has been all over this story as you would expect.

The reports make it sound like a “Fatal Attraction” type of situation with Hundley harassing Phillips wife (who filed for divorce last month). The reports also say Hundley was posing as a Wilton, CT high school student to get information about the family on Facebook from Phillips teenage son.

This whole thing happened in August and ESPN reportedly suspended Phillips for a week. He’s also taken a leave of absence now to deal with the situation.

It seems like yesterday that Phillips had a similar situation while he worked for the Mets. 11 years ago Rosa Rodriguez, who worked for the Mets, had an affair with Phillips. She ended up suing for sexual harassment and the case was settled out of court.

Phillips’ wife is the real victim here. You can listen to her frantic 911 call when the girlfriend unexpectedly showed up at their house at 148 Mather Street in Wilton, CT. They have lived there since November 2001 when they purchased the property for $1.28 million according to town records.

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Author: Dave Doyle

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