Poll: Mets Fans Hate Yankees And Phillies Equally?

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I’ve been thinking about the nightmare scenario for Mets fans for a while now. What I’m talking about is a World Series featuring the Phillies and Yankees. I alluded to this idea in my post a couple of weeks ago, that I don’t understand Mets fans rooting for the Yankees. Now that the Phillies are in the Series again, and the Yankees are on the cusp, it’s time to get serious about this issue.

I’m still holding out a sliver of hope that the Angels can pull off a miracle in the headquarters of the Evil Empire. I still have such fond memories of 2004!I haven’t totally given up on the Angels and I’ll be rooting for them. But winning two at Yankee Stadium will be tough.

My friend Jim sent me this email about a discussion he had with the guys in his band Scratch:

I have a new poll for your Blog.  The three Mets fans in my band had a discussion about how much we and all Mets fans hate the Yankees.  That’s a given.  But one of us insists that although all Mets fans hate the Yankees, a true Mets fan would hate the Phillies more.  The other two disagree and say that in almost all circumstances Mets fans root for ANY team playing the Yankees unless it had a direct impact on the Mets position in the standings (i.e. Phils playing the Yankees in September when the Mets were still in the race, which of course does not happen).  I know you commented about it in one of your posts a few weeks back so I think I know how you would answer, but for the rest of the readers,  I think we need a poll.

Jim’s right, we do need a poll. Before the poll, I’ll tell you where I stand. I hate the Yankees more than any other team. I won’t root for them under any circumstances unless it’s the extremely infrequent situation that Jim mentions above. I enjoy seeing the Yankees lose, and it’s even better if it’s a bitter, late-inning defeat at home (like the Mets have suffered much more frequently). So where do you stand? There’s a poll embedded in this post. Visit the site to vote if you’re reading the feed.

Author: Dave Doyle

Frequently disappointed Mets fan

8 thoughts on “Poll: Mets Fans Hate Yankees And Phillies Equally?”

  1. I hate the Yankees more than the Phillies, but Phillies fans more than Yankees fans.

    'root' for Phillies because I'd hear about it less from them than from neighbors, uncles, friends, coworker Yankee fans as this is NY. And, anything that denies Jeter another ring, lowers his postseason AVG and raises Rivera's ERA is good by my book.


  2. here's my thinking. hatred for the Phillies will come and go (just like it did with the Braves), but hatred for the Yankees is forever. If the series ends up that way, and I hope it doesn't, and IF if there must be a winner be declared, I root for it NOT to be the Yankees.


  3. World Series? Who has time for baseball??? I'm looking forward to the 2011 season (Next year will be bad again).
    Football is back! College Hoops starts up in a month!


  4. as much as I hate to, I’m going with the Sillies for 3 reasons:

    1) They only surfaced as a good team recently. Before then, at least the years I’ve been living, they were not a threat. So another year is ok considering the alternative. Yet, the Yankees have always been going to the post-season thru History and we constantly have had to listen to them pounding on us.
    2) The Yankees last ring was against the Mets in 2000, and they’ve been going to the post season ever since YET haven’t won any ring since the Mets, which I have really enjoyed for the past 8 years and would like to see that drought extended to 9 years.
    3) I don’t have to work and live with Philly fans, and listen to them every day 🙂


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