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I started up a social network, or community, for Mets fan on Ning in 2008. For some unknown reason, I let it slip away. But I’ve been inspired over the last few months to start it up again. And I think that’s because I’ve heard from so many Mets fans with opinions that they want to express. Sure, you can go the millions of pages on Facebook but there isn’t much functionality for you to express yourself. Those pages are all about the moderator.

You’re welcome to join for free. And you can create your own customized page there including the color scheme. The key features are:

  • Blog– You can add your own blog posts including saving drafts of posts. Make your opinions known without the hassle of having to set up and maintain a blog server
  • Forum– The message board for Mets fan to communicate with each other
  • Chat– Live chat with other Mets fans. It’s great to chat during games.
  • Photos– Add your photos to the site for other Mets fans to see, rate, and comment on
  • Videos– Add your own videos or link to videos from your site or YouTube
  • Groups– Create your own group within the network. I’m already thinking about creating the “Trade or demote Murphy” group
  • Events– Add new events that Mets fan would be interested in knowing about

Join up today and let your voice be heard to the Mets fan community.I’ve also added some links on the site on the Social Network page and the Live Game Chat page.

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Author: Dave Doyle

Frequently disappointed Mets fan

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