Voice of the Fan: Mets 2009 Offseason Inactivity

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I haven’t been worried about the Mets lack of making a splashy free agent signing or trade until now. But if they can’t get something done within the next week or so, we do need to be concerned. I’ve talked to a lot of Mets fans that are starting to freak out that John Lackey is off the board and the Mets seem to be bargain hunting for free agent pitching and outfielders, not to mention the lack of depth in the organization.

In this continuation of my voice of the fan series you can read what frequent commenter Mark Jones, aka MetStatHead, has to say about the Mets offseason so far. If you’re interested in having your voice heard here at The Mets Report get in touch with me on my Contact page. Read on for Mark’s thoughts.


“What the heck is going on??”

The Mets have been almost completely silent in the last few weeks. They picked up some catching help (Henry Blanco and Chris Coste) and re-signed Alex Cora (for whatever reason).

This is a team with some serious deficiencies. At least five MAJOR deficiencies:

Starting Pitching

Relief Pitching

First Base

Left Field

Second Base

So as I see it the current plan is to SPEND MORE MONEY!?!?

How is this going to help this team?? Are the Wilpons willing to spend $400 million this season? That is the only way this team will be able to compete this year!!!

What this team and this organization needs is a change in mindset!!!

Before I start, please excuse my rant…

How many deals have been made for big times stars have NOT included at least one prospect?

We have just witnessed the division rival Phillies pick up arguably the best pitcher in the game. How did the deal get done? The Blue Jays, Red Sox, and Mariners all swapped PROSPECTS!!!

What is the one thing that the Mets organization is really lacking? PROSPECTS!!!

How can a team survive with the worst farm system in all of baseball? How can Mets fans just pretend that everything will be alright when the organization continues to spend money and give away their entire farm system only to field a team that is under .500?

I am astounded by the fans! Just a few years ago, the New York fan base was considered to be the most knowledgeable fan base in the country! What happened??

We are bombarded by news every day, we are given access to every level of the organization the likes of never before, and still we wonder why our team is failing!!

I am getting to the point where I can not even pretend to put on a happy face and say everything will work out… How can I live in a city 45 minutes away from Philadelphia and even think of talking trash?? What moves have we made to make this team better? Santana was the last move that was even semi-brilliant. That was three years ago!! We overpaid for K-Rod, we swapped outfielders with the Braves, we wasted money on the oft-injured Putz, we extended Delgado so that he can retire and immediately start collecting his Social Security checks. We overspent on Oliver Perez for no reason, since there were no other teams interested in an injury prone, head case, with slightly better then average stuff.

Don’t get me wrong, this team has talent, but not enough to make an impact any time soon. Adding Bay will help the lineup, but won’t help the outfield defense that was atrocious last year. Wright will continue his growth as one of the best third baseman in the game, Reyes (if healthy) has the talent to be a perennial All-Star, Beltran is always one of the best in the game, and Santana is a Cy Young candidate every season. But where do we go from there??

Angel Pagan might be my favorite Met, but he can’t stay healthy. Castillo can barely run, Delgago/Murphy are a joke at this point, and the rest of the “rotation” (if we can even call them that) is a mess!!

I am only a fan and have no true look into the organization’s politics or their financial statements so I can not truly talk to all the issues this team has, but from my view point this organization needs some help.

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Author: Dave Doyle

Frequently disappointed Mets fan

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