Video: Mets’ Jose Reyes on 2010 Season

Here’s some video that the Mets distributed this week about Jose Reyes. They shot some video of Reyes working out on Long Island to drum up some interest in ticket sales for the upcoming season. I have to guess that sales have bottomed out so badly that they’re even offering 6-packs of tickets this year.

It’s good to see Reyes working out and running full speed. If he’s 100% healthy, the Mets are a lot more fun to watch than without him in the lineup.

Author: Dave Doyle

Frequently disappointed Mets fan

2 thoughts on “Video: Mets’ Jose Reyes on 2010 Season”

  1. I’m going. I voted so in your poll. Dave, I think you’ve seen on my facebook statuses over the past month or so that I’m going. For me, it’s more than just the Mets. It’s my vacation. It’s a few days in Vero Beach, a few days at Disney, and a few days in St. Lucie West. Sometimes for me, it’s a few days on Florida’s Gulf Coast too. I’m Mets-centered on my trip, but I always like just going down there, seeing any baseball, and traveling around to see it. That’s my vacation. No matter what the Mets have done, I’ll go.


    1. Jason, thanks for voting. My mom and grandparents live in Jacksonville. So I’d like to take a trip to see them. That’s a 3 hour drive from St. Lucie. So I have to be motivated to make the round trip. But I would like to see how Reyes and Santana look coming back from injuries. Actually, I’d like to see how Nieve and Niese look too.


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