John Maine Rotation Spot Safe, For Now

John Maine has maintained his spot in the starting rotation despite two terrible starts to begin the 2010 season. His spot may not be secure for long.

Image courtesy of Edorf81 via Flickr

After John Maine’s 3 IP 8 ER blow up last night in Denver, there were some legitimate questions about whether he would stay in the rotation. Those questions were answered today by Jerry Manuel. Maine will remain in the rotation for now.

The beat reporters are all writing about Maine’s lengthy conversation with Manuel this afternoon in Colorado. And I think there is something admirable about sticking with your guys. I’m sure the rest of the players on the roster are happy about Maine not getting the boot so quickly.

But the Mets organization needs to be very careful here. Maine’s next start is on national TV Sunday night in St. Louis. If he gets embarrassed again, he needs to go to Buffalo immediately. He’s not the kind of pitcher that can make an impact in the bullpen. So he’ll have no use on the roster.

The Mets can’t let complacency or misguided loyalty to under-performing players set in. If this road trip continues to go south, the Mets will be coming home to an empty Citi Field for their ten game home stand. After 2009, we just don’t have any patience left to wait for this team to find a winning formula.

Author: Dave Doyle

Frequently disappointed Mets fan

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