Mets May Bat Jose Reyes Third in St. Louis

Jerry Manuel has been talking publicly since spring training about hitting Jose Reyes third in the order until Carlos Beltran comes back. That may become a reality this weekend in St. Louis.

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There’s been a lot of chatter since the beginning of spring training that Jose Reyes would begin hitting third in the Mets’ lineup. Jerry Manuel told reporters that in spring training. He said that he likes the idea to “lengthen” the lineup without Carlos Beltran. The reporters keep bringing it up to Jerry, and it sounds like it might become a reality this weekend in St. Louis.

First, let me say that I have no problem with this at all. And I hope that Reyes hitting third in the order is successful until Beltran gets back next month. The baseball season is so long that it invites experimentation with the lineup to find the best configuration. But baseball has become so prominent in the public domain that it also invites people like me to comment or express my own opinion or dissatisfaction. I’d like to take this opportunity to do that…

The ideal lineup for the Mets would look like this:

Jose Reyes

Angel Pagan

David Wright

Jason Bay

Jeff Francoeur

Ike Davis Fernando Tatis/Mike Jacobs

Rod Barajas

Luis Castillo


The big issue for me is that Pagan’s offensive game is good enough to warrant replacing Castillo at the top of the order. He’s got a nice combination of power and speed that is of far greater use than Castillo. I even think that Castillo has the patience to be successful hitting in front of the pitcher.

What do you think the ideal lineup is for the Mets? Comment below.

Author: Dave Doyle

Frequently disappointed Mets fan

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