Mets’ Ike Davis A Hit With Collectors

Davis is congratulated by teammates after a home run against the Atlanta Braves in the fifth inning of their MLB National League baseball game in New York Rovell writes in his Sports Biz column that collectors are lining up pre-orders for autographed baseballs from Ike Davis. Steiner Sports is selling his autographed photos for $49.99-$59.99 and baseballs for $59.99.

I’m not a collector but I like what I’ve seen from Davis in his first week and a half with the Mets. He certainly looks like he’s got the goods to stick around for a long time. If he does, the memorabilia should only increase in value.

Rovell talked to the founder and chairman of Steiner Sports Brandon Steiner:

Steiner says he never tells fans to buy autographs for the investment, but can’t help but mention that he sold Mariano Rivera’s autograph for $25 ten years ago. Signed Rivera balls now go for ten times that amount. In 1996, fans who paid for Derek Jeter’s first autograph signing paid $20.

“It’s one of the biggest pre-order responses we’ve had,” Steiner said. “It’s good for the industry.”

Maybe it’s time I get into the memorabilia game.

Author: Dave Doyle

Frequently disappointed Mets fan

2 thoughts on “Mets’ Ike Davis A Hit With Collectors”

  1. People love those homegrown stars. Especially when they get called up and start raking right away. 9 wins in 10 games is not bad either, he helped that too. Let's see if he can sustain any of this though. I think he can.


    1. I agree. The Braves have done a great job in recent years of bringing uphome grown talent. Much more so than the Mets. They've even taken it a stepfurther and done a great job of bringing up local guys from Georgia to theBraves. I'd love to see the Mets get to that level at some point too.


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