Mets Still Trying To Trade Ike Davis

ike davisAccording to a report in the NY Post, the Mets are still trying unsuccessfully to trade Ike Davis. The Orioles, Brewers, and Pirates have all had some level of interest in Davis this offseason. But Sandy Alderson hasn’t been able to close a deal.

Apparently, Alderson is seeking a top pitching prospect in return for Davis. The names that have come up are 20- year old Eduardo Rodriguez from the Orioles and Tyler Thornburg from the Brewers.

It’s hard to imagine the Mets getting a big return for Davis after the last two seasons. Sure, Davis had 32 home runs in 2012 but he did all of the damage in the second half. He couldn’t hit at all in the first half of that season. I think the Mets are rightfully ready to move on from Davis and Alderson shouldn’t have unrealistic expectations about his value on the trade market.

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Ike Davis Is Hitting Again In Las Vegas

Ike Davis - New York NL - 2010 Home Alternate
Ike Davis – New York NL – 2010 Home Alternate (Photo credit: BaseballBacks)

Las Vegas 51’s first baseman Ike Davis hit two home runs last night for the second straight game. After two-plus months of misery at the plate with the Mets, it looks like Ike might have his swing back. He’s had 39 at-bat’s in Vegas and is hitting .333/.480/.744 with a 1.224 OPS. He has 4 home runs and 8 RBI’s in 11 games.

The Pacific Coast League is a notorious hitters league. But for anyone worried that Ike had lost the ability to play baseball (a la Jason Bay), that doesn’t appear to be the case.

Lucas Duda has filled in admirably at first base since Daniel Murphy moved back to second base. I think it’s safe to say that most Mets fan feel that Davis has a much higher upside than Duda as a Major League player.

Expect to see Ike back with the Mets pretty quickly. He’s making over $3 million this year and that’s far too much salary for a minor league player. He’s getting paid to play for the Mets, not the 51’s.

Ike Davis Is Hitting – On the Road

PORT ST. LUCIE, FL - FEBRUARY 24:  Ike Davis #...

Much has been written this year about Ike Davis’ struggles at the plate. And he sure has struggled mightily. But when you look at his splits, he’s not hitting that badly on the road. He just can’t hit a lick at home. Going into tonight, his slash line for the season is .173/.236/.276. Really ugly!

But if you look at his home/road splits, he’s not hitting that badly on the road. He’s hitting a home run every 16 at-bats on the road this year. That’s better than his (short) career numbers of a home run every 25.8 at-bats. His slash line on the road this year is .286/.340/.490. Not bad.

Take a look at his home/road splits:
Report from

I’m not sure what to make of his road success this year in the same number of plate appearances and at-bats as he’s had at home. Do you?

David Wright Has Broken Finger

NEW YORK, NY - MAY 03:  Ike Davis #29 of the N...

The Mets announced that third baseman David Wright has a broken pinky finger and will miss a couple of games. He’s not going on the disabled list… yet. Based on the Mets recent history, it wouldn’t surprise me if that happens within the next week. The Mets seemed to have difficulty in recent years determining if players need to be on the disabled list because of the severity of their injuries.

Wright’s inability to play last night against the Nationals, combined with Ike Davis’ scheduled day off for Valley Fever evaluation, led to one of the most impotent lineup’s in recent memory. Continue reading “David Wright Has Broken Finger”

Mets Ike Davis and Valley Fever

PORT ST. LUCIE, FL - FEBRUARY 24:  Ike Davis #...
Image by Getty Images via @daylife

There have been a lot of reports from Port St. Lucie since yesterday about Ike Davis having Valley Fever. It’s the same condition that held Conor Jackson to playing in only 30 games with the D-Backs in 2009. Although it’s not known if Davis definitely has Valley Fever, he has some of the symptoms and had an abnormal lung x-ray about 10 days ago that led the Mets to send Davis to see a specialist.

The Mets seem to be backtracking on their previous announcement that Davis was ready for spring training without restrictions. They issued another statement yesterday to the media:

Ike Davis underwent a routine physical exam after his arrival in PSL. The exam included an abnormal chest X-ray. Following additional tests here and in NYC, pulmonary and infectious disease specialists have concluded that Ike likely has Valley Fever, which is expected to resolve itself over time. Ike is not contagious, is not taking any medication for his condition and does not currently exhibit any of the outward symptoms associated with Valley Fever. However, Ike has been instructed to avoid extreme fatigue. No additional tests or examinations are pending, but Ike will have a follow up exam when the team returns to NYC in early April. Continue reading “Mets Ike Davis and Valley Fever”

Mets 2012 Uniform Changes

Tom Seaver and Tug McGraw Jerseys at Mets Hall...
Image by slgckgc via Flickr

The Mets are following on the heels of the new Miami Marlins’ uniforms with some changes of their own to the uniform. ESPN is reporting that the Mets will hold a press conference on Tuesday to display the changes. The word is that the Mets are going retro for their 50th anniversary in 2012 and that they’re going to reduce the black used.

I won’t complain about either change. The Mets have had problems embracing their past, most notably when Citi Field opened and the Mets forgot to include any team memorabilia or images in the park. So switching to a retro look of pinstripe with “Mets” on the front and no black shadows is fine with me. Also, reducing the use of the black alternate uniforms is a solid choice at this point. They’ve over-utilized the black uniform to the point that I forgot that it was the alternate it was used so often.

Brian Erni from MetsBlogalso reports that David Wright, Ike Davis, and Lucas Duda will be at the press conference. Presumably, they’ll be there to model the retro look uniforms. It’s interesting that Wright will be continuing to do everything the Mets ask of him despite the trade talk that’s been in the news this offseason. It would certainly be awkward if the was traded in the near future after attending a press conference on behalf of the team.

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Live Mets Fan Pre-Game Show June 5, 2011

New York Mets
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I’ll be co-hosting a pre-game show for Mets fan before tonight’s game against the Braves with Kerel Cooper of On The Black. We’ll be talking about all of the current Mets news including injuries to David Wright and Ike Davis, the Justin Turner phenomenon, and new ace Dillon Gee.

The show starts at 7:30pm Eastern Time and you can watch below or visit the show page. You can not only watch but join the conversation with the chat feature. We’ll address your thoughts on the Mets and even talk about subjects that the mainstream media won’t like how long the Wilpons can hold onto this franchise.

Be a part of the show, don’t just watch on TV!
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