Mets’ Mike Pelfrey Tests Shoulder Tonight

MLB: APR 25 Braves at Mets’s game against the San Francisco Giants will be the first game that Mike Pelfrey tests his shoulder since having an MRI on Monday. The MRI was ordered because Pelfrey said he was feeling something in his right shoulder before his start on Saturday in Philadelphia.

We know what happened to him in Philadelphia. The dream season that he was having slammed into a brick wall. Pelfrey was lit up by the Phillies for 6 runs in 4 innings. It was the first bad game that he’s had this season. It was really the first bad inning that he’s had.

Pelfrey’s 2010 was starting to look like it might be legendary. But baseball legends aren’t made in April.

I have to wonder if Pelfrey was shocked when he gave up 6 runs in that fourth inning last Saturday. He had been cruising along so smoothly this year, even picking up a save in that 20-inning game in St. Louis.

Something must be wrong physically? Get an MRI.

We’ll see tonight if there’s really anything wrong or if Pelfrey’s dream season is just over and he needs to figure out how to get hitters out again.

Author: Dave Doyle

Frequently disappointed Mets fan

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