Subway Series Still Does It For Me

Orlando Hernandez #26 lot of people feel that the series between the cross-town rivals New York Mets and New York Yankees has lost some of its luster over the years. After all, The Mets and the Yankees play each other six times during the regular season and have played a World Series against each other back in 2000. Yet there is still something extra special when the Yankees and Mets take the field against each other.

It’s about bragging rights. It’s about your buddy at work who you have talked sports with all year long and argued who’s better and who you made a bet with resulting in whoever loses has to wear the other teams’ jersey to work the next Monday morning. It’s the $10 wagers you made with that same buddy that doesn’t mean much to you, but just to see his face hand it over makes your year. And for me it’s a little bit more than that. For me, it’s extra special. I am an identical twin, whose look alike is a Yankees fan. Friday evening my brother and I will take our seats in separate rooms like we always do. One on the Yankees broadcast, one on the Mets broadcast. The yelling and screaming will still be the same, but with a little more passion. We want to beat each other. For those three hours we are enemies. We give no strategies away and none of our baseball thoughts like we do every other night.

It’s the one series in the year that you both will watch all three games, and never forget what happens. It’s that series that we are extra pumped up for and always make up after. Yes fans… The Subway Series still does it for me!

Author: Dave Doyle

Frequently disappointed Mets fan

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