Yankees-Mets Series Renews Inter-League Hype

Joe Mauer
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Two years ago I wrote about why I love inter-league games. And I still haven’t changed my mind. The Mets-Yankees series was fantastic. The games were competitive and the final game Sunday night was a nail-biter right down to the last K-Rod strike out of A-Rod. It doesn’t get much better than that.

I understand why some people are done with the annual Yankees series’ and inter-league games in general. But I’m really pumped for Detroit and Minnesota coming to New York next month. They’re both playing really well right now, 1 and 2 in the AL Central. Joe Mauer and Justin Morneua are players that I rarely get to see. I’d pay to see those guys play and I don’t have to degrade myself by going to Yankee Stadium to do it.

Since 1997 we’ve heard players say that the Yankees-Mets series is just another series. But there definitely seems to be some extra fire on the field from my perspective. I don’t buy what they’re selling at all.

A Johan Santana-Justin Verlander match up would be fantastic. Sure, it doesn’t have the same impact in the standings as a National League game. But I just like to watch good players play. Especially when I don’t get to see them frequently except on Baseball Tonight highlights. So I’m renewing my praise of inter-league games. Major League Baseball got this one right.

Author: Dave Doyle

Frequently disappointed Mets fan

2 thoughts on “Yankees-Mets Series Renews Inter-League Hype”

  1. Going to a Mets and Yankees game, at either stadium, is a dream come true and as a child (way before interleague play) I used to think "why not?"

    I ALMOST was able to attend the games this weekend, as I was supposed to be in NYC, but I fell ill with a flu! ALMOST!


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