Johan Santana Accused Of Rape

Baseball player Johan Santana takes part in the Johan Santana All-Star Bowling Classic at Lucky Strike to benefit skin cancer on June 21, 2010 in New York City (photo by: Jack Shea/ Meet The Famous) Photo via Newscom face of the Mets franchise was accused of raping a woman on a Ft. Myers, FL golf course last October. Florida prosecutors didn’t press charges because there wasn’t enough evidence to prove that anything that happened wasn’t consensual.

The married father of three has taken a big reputation hit on this one. The Mets only official comment on the situation is that it’s a “family matter”. And Santana’s only comment was that he wasn’t charged with anything and that’s all he could say about it.

This is a PR nightmare for an organization that hates players getting in trouble publicly, whether they’re guilty or not. I doubt that anything will happen. Santana is the highest paid player on the team and one of the only legitimate stars on the team, especially when Carlos Beltran is injured so often. The Mets depend on Santana to generate revenue, so they’re beholden to him.

According to the Daily News, the accuser told this to the police:

The alleged assault happened on the evening of October 27 at a course located near a gated community in Ft. Myers, according to the police report.

The woman claimed she and Santana were strolling together when the pitcher suddenly “began to kiss her and pull up her top, unclasping her bra.” Although she “told Johan no multiple times,” Santana lifted her skirt and thrust his hands into her underpants, the report states.

The accuser claimed Santana then tore her skirt off and raped her while she “continuously told Johan ‘no.'” The Mets hurler responded by bruising her right calf and “grabbed her hair” before he “ejaculated on her upper thigh,” according to the report.

Instead of immediately calling the cops, the woman told detectives she “cleaned her thigh with her underwear.”

She then wandered over to a tennis court “and continued to sit at the tennis courts as Johan played tennis with another person.” Detectives later retrieved the clothes the woman wore.


Author: Dave Doyle

Frequently disappointed Mets fan

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