My 2010 MLB All-Star Ballot – John Wenk

NL-1B-Albert Pujols-Cardinals
He is still the most feared hitter in baseball in my mind.

NL-2B-Martin Prado-Braves
Prado is well on his way to a 200 hit season. Impressive.

NL-SS-Jose Reyes-Mets
I refuse to vote for a self-absorbed player like Hanley. Reyes is back to form.

NL-3B-David Wright-Mets
Despite the high K totals, still a great run producer. I really don’t want to see Polanco get the start.

NL-C-Miguel Olivo-Rockies
9 HR’s and a .300+ average, Olivo is warming up to the thin mountain air just fine.

NL-LF-Ryan Braun-Brewers
The Hebrew Hammer continues to mash for the Brew Crew.

NL-CF-Andrew McCutchen-Pirates
The dynamic rising star is a bright spot in a losing organization.

NL-RF-Jayson Werth-Phillies
I’m going against all of my morals with this pick. If Ethier didn’t miss some time perhaps he’d get the nod from me.

NL-SP-Ubaldo Jimenez-Rockies
At this rate, likely MVP and Cy Young award winner. He is on another level.

NL-RP-Brian Wilson-Giants
Wilson pitches with the ideal closer attitude and has the numbers to back it up.

AL-1B-Miguel Cabrera-Tigers
No competition here. Miggy is poised for MVP.

AL-2B-Robinson Cano-Yankees
Cano will be the AL batting champion this season when its all said and done.

AL-SS-Alex Gonzalez-Blue Jays
Who would have predicted the power numbers he is putting up so far?

AL-3B-Adrian Beltre-Red Sox
Beltre and his .336 BA have propelled the Boston offense.

AL-C-Joe Mauer-Twins
How could you pick anyone besides Mauer here?

AL-LF-Josh Hamilton-Rangers
After a slow start, his power surge has been incredible. Its been good to see him healthy this season.

AL-CF-Torii Hunter-Angels
I predicted a bad year for Hunter this season. So far he has silenced this critic.

He is one of a kind.

AL-SP-John Lester-Red Sox
Not as good an ERA or win totals as Price, but more K’s. He’s helped bring the Sox a long way since the start of the season.

AL-RP-Mariano Rivera-Yankees
Ageless and dominant.

Author: Dave Doyle

Frequently disappointed Mets fan

6 thoughts on “My 2010 MLB All-Star Ballot – John Wenk”

  1. Polanco is ahead by roughly 130,538 votes. Dave has closed the gap, but he's going to need a solid push to make it happen. By the way, I'm disgusted with the "go Gaga for Wright" campaign.


  2. Yes Mark, Brian Wilson is my pick for NL reliever. Marmol wouldn't even be my second choice. Heath Bell would be. Marmol's strikeout totals and ERA are impressive but he only has 13 saves. He would not "destroy" Brian Wilson, as Wilson trains as an MMA fighter in the off-season and would have his way with Marmol. Brian Wilson is nasty.


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