Video: David Wright at 2010 All-Star Game

Mets third baseman David Wright addresses the media at the 2010 All-Star game. Check out the video. He’s one of those guys that really “gets it” and appreciates what’s going on around him. You can tell by the way he talks about getting a chance to play with Reds third baseman Scott Rolen.

My 2010 MLB All-Star Ballot – John Wenk

NL-1B-Albert Pujols-Cardinals
He is still the most feared hitter in baseball in my mind.

NL-2B-Martin Prado-Braves
Prado is well on his way to a 200 hit season. Impressive.

NL-SS-Jose Reyes-Mets
I refuse to vote for a self-absorbed player like Hanley. Reyes is back to form.

NL-3B-David Wright-Mets
Despite the high K totals, still a great run producer. I really don’t want to see Polanco get the start.

NL-C-Miguel Olivo-Rockies
9 HR’s and a .300+ average, Olivo is warming up to the thin mountain air just fine.

NL-LF-Ryan Braun-Brewers
The Hebrew Hammer continues to mash for the Brew Crew.

NL-CF-Andrew McCutchen-Pirates
The dynamic rising star is a bright spot in a losing organization.

NL-RF-Jayson Werth-Phillies
I’m going against all of my morals with this pick. If Ethier didn’t miss some time perhaps he’d get the nod from me.

NL-SP-Ubaldo Jimenez-Rockies
At this rate, likely MVP and Cy Young award winner. He is on another level.

NL-RP-Brian Wilson-Giants
Wilson pitches with the ideal closer attitude and has the numbers to back it up. Continue reading “My 2010 MLB All-Star Ballot – John Wenk”

My 2010 MLB All-Star Ballot – Dave Doyle

Since All-Star voting is in full swing and the actual game is coming up on July 13 in Anaheim, I thought it was a good time to share my ballot with you. I tried to set aside any team-specific biases that I have, but when I finished writing out my ballot I noticed that I didn’t have any Phillies players on the ballot. So I’m not so sure that I did a great job of being unbiased.

Anyway, my votes are below. Comment on this post if you agree or disagree with my votes.