Carlos Beltran’s Future with the Mets

July 23, 2010 Los Angeles, CA..Mets Carlos Beltran  in action during the Major League Baseball game between the New York Mets and the Los Angeles Dodgers at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles. The Mets defeated the Dodgers, 6-1..Josh Thompson/CSM.’s been over two weeks since Carlos Beltran’s return from his knee injury and you can just about stick a fork in the Mets. Prior to his return, I was cautiously optimistic that Beltran would be capable of igniting a power surge in the middle of the lineup. This has not been the case. Instead, we’ve seen him not be able to bat his weight and not be able to display his graceful mobility in center field, suggesting that he is better suited for a corner outfield position at this stage in his career. With another month and half left of what just about promises to be meaningless baseball, Carlos Beltran’s future can be a topic of discussion.

Should the Mets shop him around to other teams this off-season or no? He is Carlos Beltran, and when healthy, he undoubtedly provides a game changing presence. My answer to that question is ‘no’ based on the fact that he will be playing for a new contract in 2011 with his biggest fan Scott Boras by his side. Beltran also has a full no-trade clause and would likely request a contract extension and only accept a trade to a few teams to waive that clause.

Any fan with half of a clue could tell you that Carlos Beltran is not the biggest issue on the Met roster. There is almost no doubt in my mind that he will be the center fielder on opening day in 2011 for the Mets. However, based on where the team stands when the trade deadline approaches next year, who knows what could be done with him. Its interesting to think about what kind of players the Mets would ask for in return if Beltran is putting up solid numbers halfway through next season. Of course, this type of scenario is brought up assuming the Mets are in the same predicament as they are this season a year from now. The most likely situation is that Beltran goes through the motions in the final year of his contract and the Mets receive the compensatory draft picks when he walks.

As the 2010 Mets campaign continues to prove more and more painful by the day, Met fans are becoming increasingly restless. Don’t pick up Jose Reyes’ option at the end of the season, trade Beltran, trade David Wright (at this point, I’m not 100% opposed to that), trade Johan Santana (who also has a full no-trade clause), these are just a few of the ideas you can hear being thrown into the whirlwind of disappointment and disgust while listening to a couple of hours worth of WFAN.

Despite being an All-Star caliber player during his time in New York, Beltran has no doubt been a symbol of the Wilpon’s failure in structuring a winning product during the mid to late parts of the past decade. He was a primary ingredient in ownership’s recipe for bringing in big names in order to put rear-ends in seats. Simply put, Beltran is a face that fans have grown tired of. Naturally, instead of helping the team reach the postseason in 2011, I expect Carlos Beltran’s imminent departure to give fans a reason to believe in one of the team’s many sarcastic motto’s: There’s always next season.

Author: Dave Doyle

Frequently disappointed Mets fan

3 thoughts on “Carlos Beltran’s Future with the Mets”

  1. I have always liked Beltran and think that Luis & Ollie are the faces most Mets fans associate with us losing year in & year out.

    However it is clear that Beltran is not the 5 tool monster he once was and I say as soon as he starts to producem trade him. I have always believed that solid outfielders are a dime a dozen and if we can get a good young pitcher (which our farm system is sorely lacking) then we should go for it.

    We have a few young outfielders in our system PLUS a 29 year old Pagan so we will have a surplus of outfielders.


  2. Shop him for some prospects! I have been on record saying that Beltran could net the Mets a few handy prospects and would lighten the salary of the entire team.

    The Mets have a few solid pieces they can build around now with Wright, Davis, Neise, Santana, Pagan, Bay, Dickey, and Thole. They need to continue to bring in talent so they do not miss the prime of Wright and Reyes.

    Beltran should be shopped, sold, and forgotten. I know he was injured and we should cut him some slack, but he is in the lineup and not impressive. He is creeping into the twilight of his career and still has value. Sell high before he completely ruins his trade value.


  3. Beltran will be on the team next year.. no team will want his salary. The Mets will take their chances and hope for a full healthy season next year for Beltran. Dont be surprised If Reyes' option gets picked up and the Mets trade him. The same goes for David Wright, we are not winning with him. So if we get a great deal for him, i would pull the trigger even though I am a huge Wright fan, id be OK with it. I think the Mets will eat Perez and Castillo's contract, so we know for sure they will not be here next year.


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