Is Jerry Manuel Ruining the Mets Future?

July 22, 2010 Los Angeles, CA..New York Mets Josh Thole  at bat in action during the Major League Baseball game against the Los Angeles Dodgers at Dodger Stadium July 22, 2010 in Los Angeles, California..The Dodgers defeat the Mets 2-0.Louis Lopez/CSM. time a left-handed starter for the opposing team pitchers New York Mets Manager Jerry Manuel decides to sit left-handed hitters Ike Davis and Josh Thole.

For example, last night the Mets faced left-hander Wandy Ramirez. Both Josh Thole and Ike Davis sat and Mike Hessman and Henry Blanco took their place.

Davis has struggled since the All-Star break batting just .212. Thole has had only five at bats in the major leagues against lefties.

Manuel continues to sit the youngsters against the lefties. Last evenings win against the Houston Astros put the Mets at 59-59, 9 games back of the wild card.

Not exactly “in the race” as far as I am concerned.

However, is it wrong for Manuel to play like we are out? A lot of people feel that the Mets still have a shot at the wild card.

Yet, is having an outside shot at the wild card that important to bench two key future pieces of our organization because the book tells you to?

Davis is hitting .273 against lefties this season. Compared to his .237 against righties, that makes no sense to bench him. Especially playing Hessman, who, no disrespect, is a career minor leaguer.

These guys will never learn to hit lefties if they never get any at bats against them.

Plus what about these guys’ confidence? Davis is sitting there watching Hessman play in front of him, with a batting average of .180.

As for Thole, it is important for him to catch some pitchers because he is going to be catching these guys in the future. I would rather have him learn now then next season.

It’s really puzzling to me! I don’t understand why Manuel thinks this is a good idea, but it’s time for a change, before we lose Davis and Thole forever.

Author: Dave Doyle

Frequently disappointed Mets fan

7 thoughts on “Is Jerry Manuel Ruining the Mets Future?”

  1. Great article. I agree that the Mets need to focus on the future. Also, what if the Mets did, somehow, win the Wild Card would you sit some of the players that helped get you there?


  2. I highly doubt that Mike Hessman will help us to the wildcard? How about Nick Evans? I mean did he burn down Minaya's house or something. He is batting .313 in the minors right now! Can someone tell me why Mike Hessman is still here?


  3. Well look at each indivually..

    First Thole. Who was pitching last night? Niese who still is a rookie and has benefited in the past by having a vet Catcher calling pitches for him. I don't think it made one bit of difference what arm the pitcher threw with Blanco was going to catch Niese as he has the past few starts.

    Ike is looking horrible at the plate lately. Looking at too many called third strikes. Resting him against lefties isn't going to kill him right now and maybe it puts it into his head that he had better start making some adjustments.

    Truth is this team seems to work harder when their everyday job is threatened. So as far as I'm concerned Jerry keeping them all on edge is just what this team needs right now!

    Jerry is probably gone next season so Ike will get all the at bats against lefties next year!


  4. Metsie,

    While I understand your points I think we need to consider the long-term growth of the team. Having Thole and Davis play these games during the “dog days of summer” will only help them grow. Good players need to work through their ups and downs. Jerry didn’t sit Wright when he was 4-40 over the last 10 games, that’s because Wright needs to work through his struggles. Thole and Davis are the, hopefully, in the plans for the future of this team. If the Mets want to be better next year, then they need to allow the current players to have their ups and downs and learn from them. That way they will be better prepared for next season and the rest of their careers.

    What do the Mets have to lose by playing their young stars and allowing them to struggle? They are 10 games back in the Wildcard, they supposedly have their whole team back and healthy now, and they still aren’t winning games.

    Let the young guys play and gain experience.


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