Marlins 5 – Mets 2, September 21, 2010 – Mets Mathematically Eliminated from the Wild Card

May 28, 2010- Milwaukee, WI. Miller Park..New York Mets pitcher Mike Pelfrey ..Milwaukee Brewers won over the New York Mets 2-0, taking the first game of the 3 game series against the Mets...Mike McGinnis / CSM. you missed it, and most people did, the Mets lost to the Marlins last night by a score of 5-2.

Although the Mets have not been a part of this pennant race for at least 6 weeks, they were finally mathematically eliminated from the wild card very quietly in front of a crowd of maybe 500 people. Mike Pelfrey pitched another good game giving up 1 earned run on 5 hits in 7 innings but the Mets offense, which actually managed 11 hits, couldn’t generate any run support aside from 2 solo homers, 1 each by Lucas Duda and David Wright. Sloppy plays by Wright and Jose Reyes in the 7th resulted in back to back errors and the Mets went quietly in the 9th to be mathematically eliminated yet again while playing the Marlins.

It’s been almost relaxing to watch these last Met games knowing they are absolutely meaningless games, especially from here on out. It’s also comforting to know that there are finally going to be significant changes this offseason.

The changes that I have been hoping would happen last winter are now well overdue. A new GM and new manager really should have been done last winter. This winter a new GM can start entertaining trades for the clubhouse cancers Carlos Beltran and Luis Castillo, attempt to drop a few bad contracts like Oliver Perez and K-Rod and really explore options for Wright and Reyes. If we can get some value for them, great. If not, build an entirely new team around them.

Let’s start investigating why so many players are getting hurt. Maybe some of the players could start doing what the 36 year old RA Dickey is doing to stay in shape during offseason’s. Dickey trains for triathlons. This offseason he is training for an ironman triathlon. The training required to be a competitive swimmer, runner and biker works out most every muscle in your body and goes a long way in preventing injuries.

Maybe we can get some injury free season’s from some of our superstars. Can anyone remember the last time Beltran was 100%? Reyes played a full year injury free? Johan Santana’s latest injury is just another reminder that even pitchers who come here with injury free careers eventually get an injury. Something’s wrong with the offseason conditioning of this team.

So between now and February 27th, the first day of Spring Training, the next GM of the Mets has a lot of questions to answer and a lot of work to do…..

Author: Dave Doyle

Frequently disappointed Mets fan

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