Mets Pick Up Jose Reyes Option

New York Mets SS - José Reyes
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One of Sandy Alderson’s first moves was a no-brainer today. He picked up the option year on Jose Reyes contract for $11 million. The Mets don’t have a better option at shortstop and $11 million isn’t bad for Reyes. He would get a lot more than that on the open market.

Reyes is still my favorite everyday player to watch on the Mets despite the last few seasons having been less than what he’s capable of. I think most Mets fans still want to see Reyes with the Mets long-term. But putting a price on Reyes’ talent is difficult. There aren’t many players that have hit free agency recently with similar skills. Waiting one more year for Carl Crawford to get a free agent deal will give a good starting point for Reyes. They’re not exactly the same type of player, especially considering Reyes plays short, but it will be a good guage of what a player with a good mix of power and speed can get on the open market.

Check out Reyes’ career stats and it’s obvious that committing $11 million to Reyes is unquestionably the right thing to do.
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Author: Dave Doyle

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