Where Is the MLB At Bat 2011 iPhone App?

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Spring training is finally here with pitchers & catchers reporting this week and the Mets blogosphere is now starting to come alive. It’s my favorite time of year…

But over at my personal blog, where I track iPhone apps and other various tech tool and plugins, I’m anxiously awaiting the release of MLB.com’s At Bat 2011 iPhone App. Where is it? No one knows. I received a teaser notification from the 2010 version of the app informing me the 2011 version is on it’s way. No date was announced though.

I have a small discussion going on at my blog as well as a promo. The most interesting comment will be gifted the MLB At Bat 2011 iPhone App. The comments are going to be judged by a 3 member panel. Dave Doyle as well as Kerel Cooper from On The Black have offered to judge comments with me. It’s open to all iPhone users.

I’m just not sure what’s holding this app up. I do know there is a huge update to the Android edition of the app that will include streaming video of every MLB game. Of course, blackout restrictions apply which means you will not be able to watch your home teams play. No one knows how much the new app will cost. Last year the app was $14.99. This year I’ve heard numbers anywhere from $20 to free. All this is just speculation though.

So leave your comments, when do you think the app is coming out, what new features do you think will be available, what’s the difference between the Android and iPhone editions of the app?

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Author: Dave Doyle

Frequently disappointed Mets fan

4 thoughts on “Where Is the MLB At Bat 2011 iPhone App?”

  1. MLB is just trying to figure out how to squeeze more money out of the app, that's all they're doing. No big deal. You have apps who continue to update free content then you have AT BAT who has to come out with a new app every year. Why not just come out with one app and provide updates to those who pay for subscriptions. But then again, we keep paying for it don't we?!


  2. I keep anxiously checking itunes and MLB.com for news on the app. I purchased the app last year and thought I was probably spending to much money on an app that would give me the same info free somewhere else. Boy was I wrong! This app proved to be invaluable to me, countless boring afternoons at the office were a joy because I could listen to games through the app. Now I'm like a junkie searching for my next fix!


  3. So far the best info I have received is that the app will be out after the IOS 4.3 upgrade. That upgrade may come out in the middle of Spring training and will allow you to stream content from your idevice to a TV through Apple TV. We'll keep watching…


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