Poll: Optimistic Mets Fan

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Following the releases of Oliver Perez and Luis Castillo, I’m really optimistic about the Mets turning into a team of players I like to watch every day. I’m curious to find out if anyone else has a sense of optimism about this team. I’m not delusional about the Mets chances to make the playoffs. They’re still the fourth best team in the division.

At this point my standards have been lowered so much that I can be satisfied with watching a team of players that I like and believe that the best baseball is in front of them. Take the poll below and let me know if you’re optimistic about this team’s future too.

Why are you optimistic about the Mets in 2011?survey software


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Author: Dave Doyle

Frequently disappointed Mets fan

4 thoughts on “Poll: Optimistic Mets Fan”

  1. Thanks for being optimistic!! Listening to wfan and reading other blogs its tough to find anyone else who has hope for this season!



    1. I changed my tune after they dumped Castillo and Perez… And I'm excited that so many contracts are coming off the books after 2011. I just hope that the owner's financial problems don't impact the team too badly.


  2. I'm actually optimistic about their starting pitching even without Santana. I'm looking forward to Capuano and Young in the rotation. I think there's still a lot of upside to Pelfrey and Niese. And hopefully Dickey can pitch close to what he accomplished last season. A lot of if's on health but I'm pretty pleased with the starters.


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