Do the 2011 Mets have Any Shot At all of Making the Playoffs?

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Let’s see… Johan Santana may be out for the year, Carlos Beltran is one slide away form blowing out both knees, Jose Reyes is one hard run from blowing out a hammy, and Krod is one fight away from prison. We have a rookie catcher, two pitchers coming back from Tommy John surgery, Mike Pelfrey’s Psychiatrist passed away so the yips may be back, the franchise 3rd baseman has yet to step up and be a leader, an ongoing hole at 2nd base and the team can’t/won’t be spending any money anytime soon. Did I miss something?

And let’s not forget the team is owned by the Three Stooges of Real Estate investing (Katz, Wilpon, Wilpon Jr.) who admit knowing nothing about investing and obviously even less about running a baseball franchise. I fully expect MLB to have to step in and take over the day to day operations of the team while it’s owners go through bankruptcy. You think it’s hard to take down a middle eastern dictator? Wait till you see the fight the Wilpons put up to keep the Mets. It’s gonna get ugly!

Don’t expect any help from the free agent market either. No free agent hitter in their right mind would want to play at cavernous Citi Field even if we had the money to spend. Pitcher’s looking to prolong their careers may consider Citi Field but are you, the fans, really going to spend your hard earned money to watch a bunch of retreads prolong their careers? Hit up Stubhub starting in June for $1 seats that season ticket holders will be trying to get rid of.

So with opening day upon us I proclaim the Mets will finish dead last and the current owners will be fighting well into 2012 to try and hold onto this team. I see little hope for this year and certainly see no hope for 2012 if the Wilpons are still the owners.

Although I am seeing a lot of positives coming from the current management team of Collins and Alderson, there are still an awful lot of flaws on this team and something current management can’t control… What happens in the owners box.

So do the Mets have a shot at the Playoffs this year? Do you really have to ask that question? Really?!?
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Author: Dave Doyle

Frequently disappointed Mets fan

8 thoughts on “Do the 2011 Mets have Any Shot At all of Making the Playoffs?”

  1. This article sucks and has nothing of substance in it….do everybody a favor and dont quit your day job as a garbage collector…I find your 'observations' to be shallow and pedantic.


  2. LOL! You forget about Dickey "inevitably" "regressing to the mean," missing Feliciano against lefties (even though Byrdak will probably do almost as well for much less money), not having a long man in the pen as good as Takahashi (Carrasco and Beato might do as well, but the Angels management was so "smart" to sign Taka for the big bucks, while taking on Wells, too), and having a backup infielder, hu will be the source of a lot of stupid jokes (like this one!).


  3. The mets have the same record as every other team in baseball and you are already eliminating them from any sort of playoff contention. Go back to talking tech and find another team to consider yourself a "fan" of while you're at it.


  4. Well it's a good thing your opinion has no effect on how this team plays on the field. The good news is that the Mets are not yet eliminated from the 2011 postseason. I just hope that most of you negative "bloggers" stay out of Citi Field and leave it to us real fans to enjoy the game and root for our team.


  5. If you think the Mets are finishing dead last, under a team that has Livan Hernandez starting on opening day, you need to switch to covering basketball or something.


  6. Your website design, writing talent and knowledge base match the quality of this blog post: complete shit. I can't imagine why anyone would bother reading any of your entries more than once. Please stop blogging about the Mets. You're bringing an otherwise respected sub-genre of blogs down the toilet. Christ what an asshole.


  7. I got a link to this article from a legitimate sports website, to point out the unfounded negativity in the NY sports media and blogosphere. Needless to say, this was the first… and last time I will frequent this site. Writing style and whiny attitude typical of Mets fans who whine from laptops… I will root hard and only boo when appropriate, unlike you who will boo every player introduced and to ever step to the plate when you buy your 5 dollar tickets via Stub Hub.


  8. For all of you people who are attacking Mr. Daniels' viewpoints, ask yourself this: Why? Is it because he is stating things that you guys don't have the courage to admit? The owners of the Mets CLEARLY don't care about their fans; so then ask yourself this: Why – if the ownership of a company or corporation doesn't care about you or the fact that you're spending your hard earned money on the product and/or services that they are offering – would you continue to give them your business? If you were a faitful customer to a particular store or brand name would you continue to give them your hard-earned money if they continuosly proved that they didn't value you as a customer or a "fan"? Don't knock David for simply stating the obvious through research and not just blindly following a business because of the emotional ties that may be associated with it.


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