Giants 2 – Mets 0 May 4, 2011

Tim Lincecum
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The Mets lost their fifth of six games and were totally outclassed by Tim Lincecum. The Giants don’t hit much but they don’t need it when Lincecum is pitching. He went 7 innings and had 12 strikeouts. The Mets did leave 9 runners on base, so they had some chances that they couldn’t capitalize on. But between Lincecum and four relievers the Mets struck out an astounding 16 times tonight.

Chris Capuano had a really nice start tonight going 6.1 innings and allowing 2 runs. He looked good even though he allowed 8 hits and 3 walks. He was focused with runners on base and was really into the game. It was a solid start.

The Mets didn’t have much offense to talk about. Carlos Beltran and Ronny Paulino each had 2 hits but the team only managed 6 hits in the game.

The seats were almost completely empty and you could hear the “Let’s Go Giants” chants on the SNY broadcast. It’s a sad day when a west coast team is getting more support at Citi Field than the Mets.

Box score

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Author: Dave Doyle

Frequently disappointed Mets fan

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