Mets Early 2011 – Next Few Weeks Could Impact Team For Years

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The Mets Are Teasing Us Again?

The Mets are now 22-24. A .478 winning percentage which leaves them about 4.5 – 5.5 games out of the wild card. At this rate the Mets will end up going 77-85. They will need to reverse this record to compete for a wild card. Maybe? So even after this weekends Subway Series we just have to find between 5 & 7 wins. Somewhere. It’s do-able but who will be doing it is the even bigger question.

Some Tough Decisions for Sandy Alderson.

If your team is only 5 games out of the wild card coming into the trading deadline what do you do? Your taking a big risk by holding onto free agents to be Carlos Beltran and Jose Reyes. Trading Beltran and Reyes now may be the most logical thing to do although your telling the fan base your giving up on the year.

The loss of Reyes will be taken hard by the fans but we’ve never won with these players anyway. Now may be the time to unload them when their value is high. I wouldn’t want to be in Sandy’s shoes. Although, if it was me, I would make the tough decision to trade Reyes. I would really need to be overwhelmed with the package though, but if I could rebuild the starting pitching staff now…

My feeling is, Sandy Alderson, the former Marine, will pull the trigger on a trade for Reyes regardless of what the fans think. Reyes will never be more valuable than he is now. He brings energy to the club, is fun to watch and helps fill the seats but so does winning. I think we’ll forget Reyes pretty quickly if the Mets make a playoff run without him.

The Next 4 Weeks Will Be Interesting

Bite your nails Met fans. The next four weeks will decide the fate of this club for years. Which way is Sandy going? Could the Mets really shore up their Pitching and make a run for a pennant race next year? Do they keep all their stars for a playoff run now and then watch them sign with other teams? It’s a lot to lose. The Mets would only get draft picks in return.

According to Sandy himself – “The next 10 days, 2 weeks is going to be big for us,” he said Thursday. “We’re competing.” – NYTimes.

The Schedule – Could Leave the Mets Worse Off Than They Are Now

The schedule for the next 4 weeks seems to go back and forth between winning and losing teams. Phillies then Pittsburgh. Atlanta, Phillies then Pittsburgh. Atlanta, Milwaukee then Pittsburgh. Again, Atlanta then the Dodgers & Oakland. 6 teams over .500, 5 teams under .500. The schedule for the Mets for the next 4 weeks may leeave them a little worse off than they are now. But then again…

Mets Get Healthy Just in Time?

With Ike Davis, Angel Pagan and David Wright coming back the team may be close to full strength and Johan Santana is still lurking around the corner with the possibility to join the team in July. Get some solid starters via trade to back up Johan combined with the vastly improved bullpen and we just may have a go at it.

All These “If’s” Are Driving Me Crazy!

The season, and yes the next few years, will hinge on what the Mets do on the field in the next few weeks. There are entirely too many variables out there to contemplate. It’s making my head swim. All I can say is this… hang on tight, every game is huge right now. It’s not early anymore!

Author: Dave Doyle

Frequently disappointed Mets fan

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