Mets Trading David Wright Not Jose Reyes?

David Wright
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David Wright Traded?

This weeks rumors that David Wright could be traded instead of Jose Reyes came as a little shock to me. David Wright has been the face of the franchise and has endured years of being in the media spotlight under some of the worst conditions imaginable because no one else could deal with the media. This alone makes him the natural leader of the club. Not to mention David also has better numbers and a better work ethic than Reyes. But let’s mention them anyway.

Here are your numbers…
  • Since 2004 Reyes has played in 907 games with a .288 BA, .338 OBP, .437 SLG, and a .774 OPS
  • Since 2004 Wright has played in 1043 games with a .302 BA, .382 OBP, .512 SLG, and a .893 OPS
Wright is the Better Player

With the exception of triples and stolen bases Wright has put up better numbers than Reyes. Yes, he can be frustrating. Yes, he strikes out a lot and gets into quite a few cold spells where he looks clueless at the plate. But those numbers don’t lie. Wright is the better player.

Since 2004 Wright has played almost an entire “EXTRA SEASON” while being the face of the franchise. If Reyes spent less time working on his elaborate celebratory dances and more time focusing on being a smarter player then we wouldn’t be having this discussion now. Reyes could be better but he’s not. Reyes needs to focus on being more productive and using his speed to get on base instead of focusing on what he is going to do after he gets on base.

Sandy Alderson Has These Same Numbers

Being that Sandy Alderson has stated in the past he does not value speed, he must know that David’s numbers are better and Reyes’ trade value will never be higher. The correct move would be to move Reyes before moving Wright.

So I can’t see any circumstance where we would trade David Wright just to keep Jose Reyes. David will probably be even cheaper than Reyes to sign. I just don’t see any situation where David is traded unless there is a fire sale, but then  this conversation is pointless since both Jose and David would be gone.

So, how about it? Who else thinks David is gone?

Author: Dave Doyle

Frequently disappointed Mets fan

4 thoughts on “Mets Trading David Wright Not Jose Reyes?”

  1. Sorry, the numbers given do not mean Wright is better. You have to relate the numbers to the ballpark, in which Reyes is thriving and Wright is dying. Citi is made for players like Jose and made to kill players like Wright. Their values in the trade market can be very similar, with Wright getting the edge.


  2. Excellent Point. Wright would benefit from the fences being moved in which may happen for next year and then that problem is solved. I don't think we'll ever solve the problem of Reyes lack of focus. This would set a bad example for the rest of the team, especially a team built around so many youngsters.


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