Mets Sign Jon Rauch

Jon Rauch (right) and José Molina
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The Mets signed 6’10” reliever Jon Rauch to a 1 year/$3.5 million deal to, presumably, work the back end of the bullpen. Mets fans are familiar with Rauch from his year in Washington. He’s kicked around the league a bit since then and pitched for the Blue Jays last year with 11 saves and an ugly 4.85 ERA.

Rauch has always pitched in a lot of games. Last season he pitched in 53 games which was his lowest total since 2005. His career ERA is 3.82 and he’s certainly an imposing presence on the mound, not only because of his height but he’s covered in tattoos from head to toe.

Rauch will provide an experienced arm in the back of the bullpen to work in front of Frank Francisco and team with Bobby Parnell to work the seventh and eighth innings.

Author: Dave Doyle

Frequently disappointed Mets fan

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