How David Wright May Leave the Mets

David Wright on June 23, 2008Ken Davidoff has a good article in the NY Post this morning about how the Mets and David Wright may part ways. Sadly, it’s been looking more and more like the back, neck, and shoulder surgeries over the past three seasons have ended David’s career. He still plans to show up in a couple of weeks to Port St. Lucie but he hasn’t thrown a baseball in recent memory.

It’s tough to see a hobbled David Wright and “old” Jose Reyes for those of us that reveled in their heyday of the 2000’s and thought that 2006 was “the year” only to fall short to the Cardinals.

Wright still has three more years on his contract. The most likely outcome in my opinion is that he won’t play again and he’ll spend the next 30 years doing media work and making a living “being David Wright” like Keith Hernandez, Ron Darling, Bobby Ojeda, and others.

Author: Dave Doyle

Frequently disappointed Mets fan

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