Phillies are still talking

The Phillies and Mets can’t stop talking about each other this spring. Neither team has even played an exhibition game yet. The season series is going to be intense this year, more than past seasons. Of course, Jimmy Rollins and Carlos Beltran got things started. Billy Wagner and an unnamed Philly player upped the ante to start talking about brawling. Kevin Kernan of the Post explains.

CBS Sportsline Spring Training Tour Rolls into PSL

Scott Miller of CBS Sportsline began his spring training tour with the Dodgers and stopped in PSL next. His review has the typical stories about “The Collapse” from last Fall and the Pedro/Santana angle. He does have some interesting points about replacing LoDuca with Schneider, Luis Castillo, and Duaner Sanchez.

I still think the Luis Castillo contract is the worst contract that the Mets have right now. I don’t understand how they could give him 4 years/$25 million. It doesn’t make sense. What other teams were the Mets competing against to sign him? We’ll see how this works out over the next four years, but Castillo looks like a player in decline to me.