Billy Wagner Traded To Red Sox

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After a lot of back and forth over the last few days about what conditions were required for Billy Wagner to waive his full no-trade clause, the Mets and Red Sox finally finished the deal right before the deadline today. The Mets will receive two minor league players in return for Wagner.

Wagner did fly with the team to Miami last night, so he’ll be turning around and heading to Boston where the Red Sox are playing the White Sox.

The reports were that Wagner wanted the Red Sox to guarantee that they wouldn’t pick up his $8 million option for next season and wouldn’t offer him salary arbitration either.

We don’t know all the details of the trade yet. More updates soon.

Mets News Aug. 25, 2009: Wagner, Sheffield, Minaya, Santana

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For a team near the bottom of the National League standings, the Mets sure have a lot going on right now. You would think that they would be playing out the string and cruising into 2010. Did you know? There are only five teams in the NL with a worse winning percentage than the Mets; Nationals, Pirates, Reds, D-Backs, and Padres.

Here’s the news:

  • Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports writes that Billy Wagner will exercise his no-trade clause to block a move to the Red Sox. The deal must be completed by 1pm today.
  • Adam Bernacchio of The Ghost of Moonlight Graham writes about how several Mets players told the media that they expect Johan Santana to have season-ending elbow surgery
  • Nick Kapur of Ump Bump writes about how the Mets have mismanaged Johan Santana by allowing him to pitch injured for the last two months
  • Danny Knobler of CBS Sports writes about Gary Sheffield’s future. He wants to play next year and beyond in his pursuit of 3,000 hits. Sheffield needs 311 more hits to reach 3,000.
  • Jon Heyman of writes about Fred Wilpon’s vote of confidence for Omar Minaya and the Billy Wagner trade to the Red Sox scenario
  • Jon Boise of AOL Fanhouse writes that the Mets injuries this year may be evidence that God hates the Mets
  • Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports writes that Omar Minaya will have a difficult time turning things around in 2010

Mets-Red Sox Billy Wagner Trade Hits Snag

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The major news organizations are reporting that Mets closer Billy Wagner has some demands of the Red Sox before he’ll waive his no-trade clause to accept a deal sending him to Boston. He wants the Sox to guarantee that they won’t pick up his $8 million option for next season and that they won’t offer him contract arbitration.

If the Sox won’t agree to Wagner’s demands, the Mets could still let Wagner go without receiving any compensation except for not having to pay Wagner. The Mets should just let him go if they can’t work through these issues. Omar Minaya shouldn’t even have to think for a second about that.

That punk, Jonathan Papelbon, had some comments for WEEI about Wagner too. From ESPN:

“What has he done? Has he pitched this year?” Jonathan Papelbon told “Is he ready to pitch or is he not? … I think our bullpen is good where we’re at right now. Don’t get me wrong. But I guess you could always make it better. It’s kind of like the [Eric] Gagne thing, I guess.”

Video: Rosenthal On Billy Wagner Trade

Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports has a video posted about the Mets options for trading Billy Wagner. He mentions that they may even hold onto him, pick up his option for next year, then trade him. What he doesn’t mention is that the Mets could shoot themselves in the foot by doing that if Wagner exercises his full no-trade clause. Then the Mets are stuck with him next year at $8 million.

Mets Billy Wagner Claimed By Red Sox

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The Mets have an opportunity to come out from under a total of $3.7 million of Billy Wagner‘s contract. The reports are that he was claimed on waivers by the Boston Red Sox. I’m sure the Mets were shocked that anyone would claim Wagner after coming off Tommy John surgery and only pitching in one game on Thursday night.

The Mets now have until Tuesday to: 1) work out a trade with the Red Sox 2) let Wagner go to the Red Sox for nothing 3) pull Wagner off waivers and keep him for the rest of this season. Of course, option 1 is ideal but it will depend highly on how much of Wagner’s remaining salary ($2.7 million) and next year’s option buyout ($1 million) that the Mets are willing to eat. It also depends on Wagner allowing a trade because he has a full no-trade clause in his contract. The reports are that he wouldn’t allow a trade back to the Phillies but would go to a contender.

The Mets should just let Wagner go for nothing and have the Red Sox pick up the rest of his contract. At this point, the Mets are bordering on becoming one of the worst teams that money can buy in the history of Major League Baseball at almost $2 million per win. The only worse team was the 2008 Seattle Mariners, and that cost almost everyone in the front office and the manager their jobs.

For the sake of his reputation and legacy, Omar Minaya needs to drawn down the Mets financial exposure as much as possible. He’s already responsible for one of the worst trades in MLB history and now he’s on the verge of spending the second most money per win in history. Minaya could very well become known as one of the worst general managers in baseball’s 140 year history.

Video: Billy Wagner Returns To Mets

If you were watching the Mets-Giants game last night you saw Billy Wagner back with the team in the dugout. He hasn’t pitched in a game since Aug. 2, 2008 when he had to have Tommy John surgery.

The plan is for Wagner to come off the disabled list on Friday and start throwing in games as an audition for a trade. Wagner has already told the Mets that he would waive his full no-trade clause to go to a contender.

Here’s some video from

Update on Billy Wagner’s return to the Mets

Wagner also got feisty with a reporter while being questioned about the possibility of being traded.

Mets’ Wagner fires back at reporter