Mets 9 – Reds 7 July 12, 2009

Surprisingly, it was the Mets offense that came up big today with 16 hits and 2 walks including two home runs. Luis Castillo led the charge going 3 for 4 with 3 runs scored. Gary Sheffield was supposed to have the day off, but played and had a terrific offensive game going 2 for 5 with 3 RBI’s and 2 runs scored. The big difference in the game was in the seventh inning Brian Schneider hit a solo homer off the porch in right. Then Fernando Tatis hit a pinch hit solo homer to left, both homers were off former Met David Weathers.

Mike Pelfrey rebounded to have a nice start going 7 innings giving up 3 runs on 5 hits and 2 walks. Pelfrey gave up all 3 runs in the fifth inning and still appears to get out of sorts with runners on base. He balked again today in the fifth. Jerry Manuel let him work his way out of trouble to the tune of 115 pitches in the game.

Sean Green was horrible in the eighth inning giving up 3 straight hits without getting an out. All of the runners would come around to score in the frame. Francisco Rodriguez was shaky again in the ninth giving up a run on 1 hit and 1 walk. But he got the job done.

The Mets take two out of three from the Reds heading into the All-Star break.


Phillies 7 – Mets 2 July 3, 2009

The story of this game is that Livan Hernandez got lit up by the Phillies for 7 runs in 3 innings. When that happens, the game is usually over. And it was in this case. The bullpen came in and threw five shutout innings, only giving up one hit.

On offense, Ryan Church was 3 for 4 and raised his season average to . 300. He’s looked so good lately going the other way. His swing has always  been the classic lefty pull hitter swing, but he’s really driving the ball to left field now and he played a pretty decent center field tonight.

There were two defensive bloopers by the Mets tonight that looked awful. It had absolutely no impact on the game because the Mets were out of the game so early. But Fernando Tatis didn’t cover second on a single up the middle and allowed Jimmy Rollins to walk into second base. And Daniel Murphy missed an easy throw at his chest from David Wright. The ball got by him and he and Brian Schneider both stood around while Shane Victorino walked to second base. Both plays were really ugly. Tatis isn’t normally a second baseman and Murphy doesn’t seem to be able to play anywhere capably in the field.

The Mets drop the first of three to the Phillies.


Mets 9 – Pirates 8 July 2, 2009

This was a rain-delayed wild one. For starters, Tim Redding was terrible giving up 5 runs in 2.1 innings. When that happens you start to think the game is a lost cause but they came right back scoring in the fourth, fifth, and sixth innings to take an 8-5 lead.

The Mets got big offensive games from Fernando Tatis and Ryan Church getting 3 hits apiece. Daniel Murphy had a big pinch-hit single that scored two runs in the fourth inning that got the scoring started for the Mets.

Everything was looking good with the Mets leading 8-6 going into the bottom of the ninth. But Francisco Rodriguez didn’t have it at all. He gave up a pinch-hit single to Freddy Sanchez and then a homer to Adam LaRoche to tie the game.

Church had a game winning hit for the second straight day. He scored Tatis with the winning run in the tenth inning. Rodriguez pitched another inning in the tenth, which I was surprised to see. But Jerry Manuel didn’t have too many options in the bullpen. He used six relievers in the game because Redding got bombed so early.

The Mets win their second straight heading into Philly. But don’t plan on seeing K-Rod tomorrow. He threw 46 pitches in this one.


Mets Jose Reyes Avoids Disabled List

Jose ReyesMets shortstop Jose Reyes flew to Boston with the team last night, then took a flight to New York with head trainer Ray Ramirez according to the team. He had an MRI and saw a doctor today who diagnosed the condition that led him to miss five games as tendinitis behind his right calf.

It looks like Reyes will re-join the team for tomorrow night’s game against the Boston Red Sox and hope for the best. Judging by the fact that the Mets called up Ramon Martinez to replace Alex Cora on the roster, there really isn’t a good alternative in the minors if Reyes does have to go on the disabled list.

Unfortunately, we’ll probably be seeing more of Martinez at short in the Boston series. I’d like to see Fernando Tatis mixed in there just to have some offense out of the position as well.

Mets Delgado Needs Surgery; Out Two Months

Carlos DelgadoBreaking news this afternoon that Mets first baseman Carlos Delgado will have surgery tomorrow to repair a torn labrum and remove a bone spur in his hip. The surgery will keep Delgado away from the team until mid-July. Unfortunately, this is the kind of thing that happens with older players in the last year or two of long term contracts. The Mets were bitten by similar situations with Pedro Martinez.

Delgado will be 37 years old in June and leaves the Mets with somewhat of a hole in the lineup and at first base. I don’t think the Mets will be pursuing a trade before the deadline in July as some of the baseball know-it-all’s have speculated in recent days.

Expect Fernando Tatis, Daniel Murphy, and Jeremy Reed to split time. Murphy can consider this an audition for next season when Delgado certainly will be gone from the Mets. I believe that he’ll have a hard time holding off Tatis for playing time. Tatis has proven that he’s more than capable in the field and has some good power in his bat. The only question is whether his warts will be exposed with increased playing time.

Not to be lost in this story is the foresight of Omar Minaya acquiring Gary Sheffield last month. He’ll have the next two months to prove that he’s still got that old lightning in his bat that the Tigers thought was gone when they released him.

If Delgado doesn’t look like he can make a successful comeback in July the Mets can pull the trigger ona deal before the trading deadline on July 31. Unless the Mets can get something for nothing, there’s no reason to hit the panic button yet.

Braves 8 – Mets 7 May 13, 2009

The Mets lost to the Braves in 12 innings to lose the home series 2 games to 1. Jonathan Niese was terrible today unable to get out of the fifth inning after giving up five runs. Seven Met relievers combined to pitch the rest of the game. J.J. Putz gave up another run in the eighth inning to raise his ERA to 4.05. Ken Takahashi gave up the game winning home run to Martin Prado of all people in the twelfth.

I would guess this is Niese’s last game with the Mets. The word is that Tim Redding is about ready to come back from the disabled list.

The Mets offense was pretty solid with the highlights being Fernando Tatis hitting a grand slam in the fourth inning to take a 6-4 lead. Gary Sheffield hit a solo homer in the eighth to tie the game. Jose Reyes was 3 for 5 with 3 doubles including one off the top of the left field wall in the twelfth inning.

The Mets are off to San Francisco to begin a 10 game road trip.


Mets Delgado May Go On Disabled List

Carlos Delgado, New York Mets
Image by Rafael Amado Deras via Flickr

Carlos Delgado missed another game last night due to his sore hip. The team has been reporting that it’s an issue he’ll have to deal with all season. But now we’re hearing that if it isn’t better in a few days that he might need to go on the 15-day DL.

Although Delgado has been hitting very well since last June, this won’t be a devastating loss to the team even if he’s out for an extended period of time. Fernando Tatis and Jeremy Reed can hold down first base for a while without a problem. Sure, they’ll lose some power but I like the way Tatis and Reed have been playing so far this season.

I’ve never been a big fan of Delgado’s anyway. I’ve made no secret of that here. He’s a one trick pony with power but really no other game. He’s terrible with the glove and inconsistent as a hitter. He’s the Mets best option right now at first base but I don’t expect him to be with the team after this season.