Post Game: Mets 3 White Sox 2

John Maine looked good again today. Carlos Beltran had a big two-run homer.More importantly, Major League Baseball and ESPN did a great job presenting the Civil Rights Game. I really hope that baseball can turn things around in the African-American community and start attracting the best athletes in that community to the game again.

I read a good story from CBS News about the Nationals new stadium being located in a predominantly lower class African- American neighborhood. It’s worth a read. = 1326;picApp_imageId = 10120;picApp_imageWidth = 357;picApp_imageHeight = 433;picApp_configUrl = “”;picApp_Picview=””;picapp_numberOfLine=2;ImageServe();

John Maine Will Start Civil Rights Game

The Mets made the right decision today to start John Maine in the Civil Rights Game against the White Sox on Saturday. It’s an important game for Major League Baseball and the Mets owe it to everyone involved to send their regular players to Memphis. The game is bigger than the desire to keep Maine in Florida working out. = 1326;picApp_imageId = 8950;picApp_imageWidth = 357;picApp_imageHeight = 246;picApp_configUrl = “”;picApp_Picview=””;picapp_numberOfLine=2;ImageServe();

The Mets Won’t Show Braves/Marlins Starters

Willie Randolph announced today that he won’t start Johan Santana and Pedro Martinez in their final scheduled spring training games. Instead they’ll start in minor league spring games. Randolph also said that John Maine probably won’t start the final spring game, the Civil Rights Game in Memphis either. = 1326;picApp_imageId = 8332;picApp_imageWidth = 357;picApp_imageHeight = 235;picApp_configUrl = “”;picApp_Picview=””;picapp_numberOfLine=2;ImageServe();

This strategy is less about caring for the pitchers than it is hiding them from the Marlins and Braves. Three of the last five games are against these two teams. The first two series of the regular season are in Miami and Atlanta before coming home for the last opening day at Shea against the Phillies on April 8th.
The “hiding starters” strategy is standard operating procedure for the Mets. Frankly, I agree with it. I’m sure that Major League Baseball isn’t happy about it because they’re trying to make money at these last few games with marquis names. There’s no sense in showing starters to the division rivals before opening the season. Good job Willie.

John Maine in Mid-Season Form Again

The Mets beat the Orioles 1-0 today and John Maine was fantastic again. His spring ERA is down to 1.85. He went six innings giving up only one hit with six strikeouts. Luis Castillo was 2-3 with an RBI and Ryan Church was 1-3 and showed off his wheels by stealing second. He only had 3 SB’s last season and 2 CS. That just goes to show that Willie Randolph will run with anyone, which I like. I know the “moneyball” theory places little value on stolen bases but I disagree. = 1326;picApp_imageId = 8306;picApp_imageWidth = 336;picApp_imageHeight = 504;picApp_configUrl = “”;picApp_Picview=””;picapp_numberOfLine=2;ImageServe();