Oliver Perez Makes Another Good Start

Bill Ladson of MLB.com summarizes the game nicely. I don’t need a long, drawn-out novel about a spring training game. The important thing is that Oliver Perez put together his second good start in a row. As I’ve said before here, I think spring starts are more important for Perez than anyone else on the team. I believe that he has the best stuff on the team except for Santana. Some may argue that Pedro has better stuff… but that was a few years ago. Perez needs to find consistency as early as possible. Today’s start is a good sign.

Oliver Perez

Oliver Perez is Bad Again

Perez pitched against the Indians yesterday and had his second bad start of the spring. He’s one pitcher that really needs to find a “groove” in the spring. The other pitchers are just there to get their work in and build up to pitching 6+ innings per game. Perez can get so far away from the mechanics that are successful for him that he really needs to pull it together earlier than most pitchers.