Mets Quiet At Trade Deadline Is Just Fine

image The trade deadline came and went without a peep from Omar Minaya. And that’s okay with me for two reasons:

  1. The Mets most likely trade target, Raul Ibanez of the Seattle Mariners, was overpriced. The reports that I read said that the Mariners wanted two of the top four Mets prospects. That’s ridiculous for a two month rental players that’s an average offensive and defensive player.
  2. The Mets divisional rivals didn’t do anything during the last month of trading to worry me. The Phillies got Joe Blanton from the A’s. And the Marlins got Arthur Rhodes from the Mariners. No big deal.

I know there’s some dissatisfaction out there that the Mets didn’t get better yesterday. But I’m fine with where they are right now. There’s still time to evaluate the effectiveness of Pedro Martinez and Ryan Church during August to determine if a waiver trade is necessary.

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Mets Need An Outfielder- Should Talk To The Rangers

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I’ve written before here that I love what Fernando Tatis and Endy Chavez have brought to the table this season. But with Moises Alou finished for the year (and his Mets career) and Ryan Church a major question mark going forward, the Mets need to get into the trade market for an outfielder. It doesn’t necessarily have to get done by the non-waiver deadline on July 31st. The Mets could see what they’ll be getting out of Church and make a waiver deal in August.

In the meantime, Omar Minaya should be talking to the Texas Rangers about Nelson Cruz of the Triple-A Oklahoma City RedHawks. The Mets don’t need the big splash trade like a Jason Bay, Manny Ramirez, or Matt Holliday. They don’t need to take on Raul Ibanez’ massive salary either.

Cruz is tearing it up at Oklahoma City. He just turned 28 years old this month. He’s a right-handed hitter. And apparently, he isn’t going to break into the Rangers major league roster right now.

Cruz has played 93 games for the RedHawks this season hitting .347/ .443/ .729 with 36 homers and 91 RBI’s and 22 SB’s. He’s ready for the big leagues.

Even if it cost an Aaron Heilman it would be worth it.

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