Mets Quiet At Trade Deadline Is Just Fine

image The trade deadline came and went without a peep from Omar Minaya. And that’s okay with me for two reasons:

  1. The Mets most likely trade target, Raul Ibanez of the Seattle Mariners, was overpriced. The reports that I read said that the Mariners wanted two of the top four Mets prospects. That’s ridiculous for a two month rental players that’s an average offensive and defensive player.
  2. The Mets divisional rivals didn’t do anything during the last month of trading to worry me. The Phillies got Joe Blanton from the A’s. And the Marlins got Arthur Rhodes from the Mariners. No big deal.

I know there’s some dissatisfaction out there that the Mets didn’t get better yesterday. But I’m fine with where they are right now. There’s still time to evaluate the effectiveness of Pedro Martinez and Ryan Church during August to determine if a waiver trade is necessary.

Flickr photo courtesy of bryce_edwards

Can the Mets Make a Deal for Marcus Thames?

There’s been a lot of talk about potential trades to get through Moises Alou’s hernia injury. We’ve discussed Thames, Nady, and Jay Payton as potential targets for Omar Minaya. The Tigers seem to make the most sense as a trading partner. They’ve got a great offense, pretty good starters, and a questionable bullpen. The Mets are looking to deal some of their relievers so working out a trade for Marcus Thames seems natural.

I got some good information about Thames from Blake over at The Spot Starters blog. It’s a great site for Tigers information and lots of MLB commentary. Take a look at the site. Blake gave me his impressions of Marcus Thames:

On Thames, he’s a nice guy to have. He’s primarily an OF and DH but just starting playing first base last year. He’ll never be confused with a Gold Glover but he gets the job done and makes up for it with his bat. Obviously he hits for some serious power, that’s his game. As someone who watches a lot of games though I really think that most good pitchers can get him out almost all of the time. He’s one of those guys. It feels like he beats up on shady pitching but I never feel confident with him at the plate in the 9th inning.

It sounds like he could be really valuable to the Mets if he can play the corner outfield positions and first base. He could even platoon with Church in right when Alou gets back. At this point in Delgado’s career, it looks like we’ll need a solid backup there as well.

Marcus Thames