Baseball Analysts: 2008 NL East Rookie Preview

The Baseball Analysts have a good site if you’re into stat-heavy analysis. Today they published their 2008 NL East rookie preview. The Mets have no rookies that expect to get significant playing time this year, so there’s no Mets on the list. But there are some rookies that sound pretty good like Cameron Maybin in Florida (from the Tigers) and Carlos Carrasco in Philly.

Of Carrasco they wrote:

“As mentioned above, the need to hurry Carrasco has been lessened, but the likes of Benson and Adam Eaton won’t keep him down for long. Carrasco has been moved through the system aggressively and has responded well, although his numbers did dip noticeably in Double-A. The biggest warning sign was the increase in his walk ratio (5.89 BB/9). That obviously has to improve. Although Carrasco handles lefties almost as well as righties in terms of batting average allowed (.252 vs LH, .248 vs RH at Double-A), lefties are much more successful at getting on base and hitting the ball hard .855 OPS vs .690 OPS at Double-A), which is something the soon-to-be 21 year old will have to work on. If Carrasco can show improvements in the first half of 2008, don’t be surprise to see him recalled in July or August to add fuel to the Phillies’ playoff run.”

Camreron Maybin

Carlos Carrasco