Pedro Martinez Just “Okay” in First Simulated Game

Pedro’s first start of the spring was rained out on Thursday night. So he pitched a simulated game on Friday against Endy Chavez, Damion Easley, and two minor leaguers. His fastball was around 90 mph, change was good, but the curveball wasn’t there. Don’t read into this too much. He still has three weeks to get ready for his April 1st start in Florida.

CBS Sportsline Spring Training Tour Rolls into PSL

Scott Miller of CBS Sportsline began his spring training tour with the Dodgers and stopped in PSL next. His review has the typical stories about “The Collapse” from last Fall and the Pedro/Santana angle. He does have some interesting points about replacing LoDuca with Schneider, Luis Castillo, and Duaner Sanchez.

I still think the Luis Castillo contract is the worst contract that the Mets have right now. I don’t understand how they could give him 4 years/$25 million. It doesn’t make sense. What other teams were the Mets competing against to sign him? We’ll see how this works out over the next four years, but Castillo looks like a player in decline to me.

Get in the mood for Spring Training!

It’s so cold here today that just reading this article about the first day in Port St. Lucie made me feel better. Ben Shipgel from The New York Times does a nice job of setting the scene for the players starting to show up for Spring Training. It’s just what we needed on a day like today.