Mets 2009 Spring Training Tickets

David Wright Spring TrainingTickets are now on sale for all games at Port St. Lucie at the Mets official site. You can get tickets for all 20 exhibition games except the two games against the Red Sox at Citi Field on April 3rd and 4th. No date has been announced yet for those games. They also have some 3, 5, and 7 night packages available for sale too.

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Mets Pitchers And Catchers Report To Spring Training Feb. 13

We finally got some news today about the spring training reporting date for the Mets pitchers and catchers. They need to be in Port St. Lucie on February 13th with physicals on the 14th and on-field workouts on the 15th. If you’re into really early spring action, you can now make your travel plans.

Games don’t start until February 25th. Position players need to be in PSL on February 17th with their physicals the next day. The first day of full squad workouts is on February 19th.

Thanks to the NY Post for the information.

Mets 2009 Spring Training Schedule

I added the 2009 spring traing schedule to the site. For those of us planning to be in Florida this spring, it’ll give us dates and times for each of the games. I’ll continue adding to the schedule by adding maps to the specific locations of each stadium so you can easily get driving directions from Google Maps.

You can also access the schedule on the navigation above. Just click “Spring Training Schedule”.

Add a comment below if you’re planning on a trip to Florida for spring training.

Mets Lineup Starting to Look Normal

Ben Shipgel at the NY Times reports that Carlos Beltran is playing center field for the first time this spring. The lineup today is starting to look like one that we’ll see during the regular season. From Ben Shipgel:

Jose Reyes SS
Endy Chavez LF
David Wright 3B
Carlos Beltran CF
Carlos Delgado 1B
Ryan Church RF
Raul Casanova C
Damion Easley 2B
Mike Pelfrey P

Fox Sports Dayn Perry Ignores the Mets

How could Dayn Perry of Fox Sports write a column yesterday about teams that are affected by spring training injuries and not even mention the Mets? Of course, Fox is baseball’s national television partner. This type of thing makes me very wary of national media outlets and their motivation. I realize that the Mets as one of baseball’s big market teams get a lot of attention but completely ignoring them for an article about injuries is ridiculous. Perry is one of Fox’s premier baseball columnists, along with Ken Rosenthal, and I like his work. But this week’s column really got under my skin.