Mets Send A Message To NL “We Came To Play”!

Florida Marlins at New York Mets, my prediction on my last post was dead wrong and I’m so glad it was!

Even though I wasn’t one of the many lucky Mets fans who attended opening day, I was not even one of the lucky Met fans who was able to play hooky from work to watch at home. I did end up listening to the game on WFAN and what I heard made me smile.

Right from the beginning this seemed to be a whole new team! David Wright’s first at-bat is a homer! Johan Santana gets an immediate two-run lead and never gives it up as I expected. Twitter was going absolutely crazy as was my phone. Very hard to get work done…

It’s great to be in a meeting and know your team is winning opening day and twitter is giving me the recap. I can’t help but laugh and yes, the boss looks over and wonder’s “What’s so funny!?

Quick twitter recap – One minute Wright is the home run leader, the next he’s tied with Albert Pujols, a few minutes later Pujols is the league leader again. Phillies fans are tweeting with a #mets hashtag, “Halladay is dealing what was that about Johan Santana being the best pitcher in the NL East?” “#Phillies are striking fear into the hearts of the #Mets #Cards#Dodgers and #Yankees“.  Baseball is back but now it’s interactive! Following baseball on twitter is too much fun!

Hey Phillies Fans…No fear on our end!

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Flickr photo courtesy of stage88
Flickr photo courtesy of stage88

You may have noticed some changes to the site today. I’ve had the same layout for more than a year and wanted to change things up a bit. The Mets should really try the same as well. There are some things that I’ve been doing with the site over the last year that just didn’t fit into the layout that I was using. So it was time for a change.

You’ll notice my Twitter and Facebook profiles are much more prominent now. That’s something that’s developed over the last year along with the site.

The site is also less complex now making it faster to load in your browser. That was a big priority for me. The sophistication of the previous layout didn’t lend itself to speed.

I hope you like the changes and it’s still somewhat in progress. Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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