Angel Pagan In Left Field… I Don’t Think So

Angel Pagan

The Mets beat writers and blogsphere self-regarded experts are beginning to anoint Angel Pagan as the Mets opening day left fielder. While Pagan is having an incredible spring, it’s not like we’ve never seen a March phenom before. You can see all of the Mets spring training statistics here.

Let’s not forget that Pagan has only two years of major league experience with the Cubs. His career numbers are: 148 games 318 AB’s .255 BA 9 HR 39 RBI 8 SB’s

He’s not exactly Mickey Mantle. So let’s not get ahead of ourselves with Pagan. 318 At-bats equals about half a season. So you can double his HR’s, RBI’s, and SB’s to get an idea of what he could do in a full season. He hasn’t lit the world on fire in his first two seasons.

Some players do just “figure it out” at some point and begin to play beyond expectations but that typically occurs with pitchers. I’m still cautious about seeing Pagan in left field every day for five weeks until Moises Alou gets back. Yes, I know that Endy Chavez and Brady Clark will get some at-bats. But that doesn’t give me much comfort. Endy is great in small doses. I don’t want to have to count on him as a regular.

Message to Omar Minaya: Keep talking to the Angels about Juan Rivera and the Tigers about Marcus Thames. The Tigers especially could use some bullpen help.

Author: Dave Doyle

Frequently disappointed Mets fan

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