John Maine: Save Something For The Regular Season

Maine has looked good this spring and appears to be building on last years 15-win season. Bart Hubbach has a good column in today’s edition of the Post.

Maine has pitched 10 consecutive scoreless innings now and has a 2.63 ERA this spring. As I’ve said before in my posts “Don’t get too excited about spring training performances”. But I think Maine has a chance to have a very good, long career in baseball. I like his calm demeanor and his stuff is above average. I can’t remember seeing him look rattled on the mound.

Carlos Beltran also dismissed the idea of DH’ing again to play in center field. That’s a great sign with opening day only two weeks away.

Luis Castillo is set to play today as well. Maybe the rash of injuries is coming to an end.

Author: Dave Doyle

Frequently disappointed Mets fan

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